All Full-Time Opportunities:

STOP!  Please make sure to understand the Westside culture before applying.

Westside does not look for good employees; we look for great employees. Westside does not hire people who like their profession; we only take people who love their profession. Our therapists are not only interested in working with kids; they have a wear-it-on-their sleeves, see-it-on-their-face, burning passion for working with kids. We do not hire people looking for a job; we hire the best people who are looking to change lives.

We DO NOT hire egos. We hire team players. If you are vainly looking for a title or a status, you’re applying to the wrong company. That being said, we love leaders and have a surplus of growth opportunities for the selfless ones who make kids, families, and teammates their priorities.

Westside also does not like to babysit employees. Westside provides autonomy and responsibility to employees in exchange for loyalty and a strong work ethic. Westside believes that it is only great therapists that can build a great company.

If you are a great therapist with a feverish passion for helping kids, have a go-getter attitude for building something special, and know how to be a true team player, please apply!

Westside currently provides full-time positions for the following roles:

• Physical Therapists
• Physical Therapist Assistants
• Occupational Therapists – High Need
• Occupational Therapist Assistants
• Speech and Language Pathologists
• Speech and Language Pathologist Assistants
• Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) – High Need
• Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapists (*only hire ABA therapists who demonstrate career commitment to ABA field)
• Administrative Assistants
• Medical Billing Specialists
• Human Resources Specialists/Generalists
• IT Specialists

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