Therapy Groups at Westside


Westside’s spacious new clinics — equipped with rock walls, ziplines, ball pits, jumping ledges, trampolines, 3 gyms per clinic, and a multitude of private therapy rooms — were built specifically with the goal of making our therapy centers a fun, therapy-driven haven for kids. This has the added benefit of our centers being an ideal hosting site for therapy groups, the kind of which kids look forward to each week.

Westside Children’s Therapy offers a variety of social groups through the summers as well as on a weekly basis throughout the school year. Check them out!

Frankfort Groups

Joliet Groups

Groups offered:

  • ABA-Centered Social Groups (year-round)
  • Ninja and Princess Warriors Strength and Coordination Group (Summer 2017)
  • ADL Cooking Group (Summer 2017)
  • Picky Eaters Group (Summer 2017)
  • Get Set for School Group (Summer 2017)
  • Coordination and Motor Group (Summer 2017)


*To reserve your spot please call 1 (815) 469-1500.