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Autism Screening Quiz

The screening below is designed to identify signs of autism in children aged 16 to 30 months. Please note that this is only meant to function as a quick screener, not a formal assessment or diagnosis. Formal testing is needed to diagnose autism.  Read more about Diagnosing Autism.

The screener can help parents identify next steps and interventions at an early age. Early support through ABA Therapy is one of the most effective ways to improve long-term outcomes in young children with autism.

Screener results will be either Low, Medium, or High Risk. 

When you receive your score, Westside is here to help you understand your score and to move into the next steps. 

Give our Family Support team a call at (815) 469-1500 or Get Started with this form

Want to find out more about what autism is?  Read more on Westside’s “What is Autism?” page.