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Diagnostic Evaluations

Connecting families with the best diagnosing clinicians

About Diagnostic Evaluations

A diagnostic evaluation is a comprehensive evaluation that uses questionnaires, interviews, natural environment observations, and diagnosis-specific testing instruments to provide specific diagnoses for Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD, Learning Disorders, and other developmental disorders. Diagnostic evaluations are completed by an MD, licensed clinical psychologist or developmental pediatrician. Once completed, a diagnostic report is generated. The report is reviewed with the family to guide next steps for getting the child the support they need.

The approval for ABA Therapy requires a diagnosis of autism, which can only be determined through a diagnostic evaluation.

For families seeking a diagnostic evaluation for autism, Westside connects you with the best clinicians in your area.

Where Westside Comes In

Being evaluated for autism can be expensive, lengthy, and emotionally overwhelming.

Westside has been working in pediatrics in the Chicagoland for 20+ years. During this time, we’ve worked with 1,000+ pediatricians, clinical psychologists, and neuropsychologists. We’ve learned which clinicians consistently provide a great experience for families.

Westside selectively partners with diagnosing clinicians that:

  1. Provide upfront and transparent cost information
  2. Get families in quickly
  3. Make families rave about their experience

We partner with clinicians across the Chicagoland to make access convenient for families.

Convenient, family-centered experiences are what distinguish Westside. We strive for the same when helping families that are seeking a diagnostic evaluation. 

How to Get a Diagnostic Evaluation

Families interested in diagnostic testing should call our Intake team at (815) 469-1500. We will understand your concerns and connect you to a reputable diagnosing clinician located nearby.