Strong Clinical Leadership

Westside’s Clinical Director trains and supervises therapists to ensure therapy quality.

Distinct, Family-Centered Approach

Our therapists have warm personalities that foster strong relationships with families. 

Therapy Gyms That Kids Dreams Of

Ziplines, jumping ledges, ball pits, trampolines, and rock walls make kids forget they’re in therapy.

Multiple Disciplines, Multiple Perspectives

6 disciplines in each clinic enables collaboration across specialists to meet your child’s needs.

Clinics Designed for Speech Therapy

Private rooms for quiet sessions, kitchens for feeding therapy, and open gyms for socialization

Impressively Talented Speech Therapists

Competitive hiring process and high-performance standards – you’ll find only warm, friendly, and talented SLPs.


Why Westside Leads in Autism Services

We’re the Highest Reviewed By Parents

A strong blend of high quality and family-centeredness is why 98% of families recommend Westside and why Westside is the highest reviewed

Ahead of the Curve In Methodology

Outdated practices focus narrowly on specific skill acquisition. We promote generalizable learning habits that lead to broad skill development. 

Clinics Built for Autism Services

Private treatment rooms, multiple sensory gyms, social areas, & living areas to work on “at-home” skills.

Offer All Services & Multiple Environments

6 disciplines in each clinic enables collaboration across specialists to meet your child’s needs. 

Low Turnover, High Continuity of Care

Autism therapy turnover is high – ours is not. We hire therapists looking for careers, not disposable income. We treat them as long-term employees.

Impressively Talented Therapists

We hire less than 10% of the autism therapists that apply. This is because we demand not only therapy excellence but also the Westside Way‘ intangibles that set us apart.


Physical Therapy

Maximize physical abilities and minimize limitations

Behavior Therapy (ABA)

Decrease problem behaviors and increase functional skills

Occupational Therapy

Teach independence with play, motor skills, self-care, and socialization

Speech Therapy

Establish speech & language language skills for effective communication

Feeding Therapy

Are mealtimes difficult? Is your child a picky eater?

Neurofeedback (EEG)

Increase focus, attention, & self-regulation by teaching brainwaves to work together