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Over 98% of families would recommend Westside to a friend

“I have never met more loving people. When you see therapists shed tears because a child meets a milestone or a goal they set, you know you are at the right place.”

Our expectation is to provide you with life-changing results


Our families love our gyms

Ziplines, jumping ledges, ball pits, trampolines, and rock walls make kids forget they’re in therapy


You’ll only see the best therapists

You’ll find only warm, friendly, and extremely talented therapists at Westsideinvisible


Our therapists collaborate across disciplines

6 disciplines in each clinic enables our therapists to collaborate like no other clinics can


Your entire family will be supported

We pride ourselves on our ability to build relationships and teach you alongside your child

“The treatments at Westside are cutting edge and the family environment is second to none.”

“The Westside Way means a heart-warming, comforting, and supportive experience.”

Therapy Services at Westside

We offer multiple disciplines of service, so you know that your child is getting the most out of every session

Physical Therapy
Maximize physical abilities and minimize limitations

Behavior Therapy (ABA)
Decrease problem behaviors and increase functional skills

Occupational Therapy
Teach independence with play, motor skills, self-care, and socialization

Speech Therapy
Establish speech & language language skills for effective communication

Feeding Therapy
Are mealtimes difficult? Is your child a picky eater?

Neurofeedback (EEG)
Increase focus, attention, & self-regulation by teaching brainwaves to work together

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