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Inclusivity Statement

We welcome everyone at Westside. We thrive on each other’s differences in background, culture, gender, ethnicity, religion, and personality.
Our diversity fuels our innovation. Our differences are the sources of our connections. Learning from each other’s uniqueness is what expands our capacity for empathy and understanding. We are stronger teams because of what each of us brings.
We aim to cultivate an environment where people feel safe enough to let their personality shine. Be you. Be unique. Be proud of who you are. Sharing our individuality with one another reminds us of the sense of humanity that binds us all.
Westside was built for everyone that can further our mission of changing kids’ lives, including the kind soul behind the eyes reading this right now. We invite you – yes you! –  to be included on our collective journey of creating an enviable culture that empowers each and every teammate.