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Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Location: Oswego, IL


Westside Overview

Westside is a culture first organization that cares foremost how Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) feel on a daily basis.  We foster a safe environment where BCBAs are free to be themselves and experience the power of working on high-functioning teams. Above all, we aim to meet our mission of changing kids’ lives. As a BCBA with a wear-it-on-their-sleeves passion for working with kids, we think you’d be a great fit! #IHP

BCBA Job Responsibilities

  • Coach, mentor, and develop RBTs in providing high quality care
  • Develop individualized programming for children that achieve meaningful clinical outcomes
  • Provide RBT supervision and parent training for ~25 hours per week
  • Develop role-appropriate leadership skills that complement clinical competencies 

Why would a Board Certified Behavior Analyst choose Westside?

  • Strong Culture – Our culture is the best in the world (otherwise, we wouldn’t all be here!)
  • Schedule Flexibility – We believe that BCBAs should be empowered to identify the best schedule for them to meet the objectives of their role. We provide BCBAs with autonomy over their schedule as a way to increase job satisfaction and work performance. BCBAs have the flexibility to set their own supervision schedules, leave the clinic when they’re not supervising, and choose where and when to complete their documentation.
  • Purposeful Leadership – The Westside Way is our philosophy on Leadership. It focuses on understanding the emotional context of situations and how to navigate daily challenges using emotionally-centered responses. Our Leadership Bootcamp training series teaches you these leadership skills.
  • Higher Standard of Care – We aim to recruit and retain BCBAs that are in the field for the right reasons – a raw, genuine passion for helping kids and developing RBTs to be great.
  • In-Clinic Quality – We prioritize quality of care through developing RBTs through daily in-clinic coaching.
  • Realistic Caseloads – We do not spread BCBAs thin in order to squeeze out productivity.
  • Low RBT Turnover – Are you tired of the revolving door? Our 10.6% RBT Turnover Rate (2019) is a breath of fresh air.
  • Reduced Back Office Work– We empower you to focus on programming and coaching RBTs while we handle Intake, Referrals, Authorizations, and Billing.
  • Beautiful Clinics – Our clinics are modern, thoughtful, and inviting. Parents and employees alike rave about them.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration – Exposure to and collaboration with other therapy specialties
  • True to Our Roots – We have 0 financial pressures from investors or private equity groups. Our independence keeps us true to our organization’s values and goals.

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