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Clinic Supervisor

Location: New Lenox, IL


Westside Overview

Westside is a culture first organization that cares foremost how you feel on a daily basis. Above all, we aim to meet our mission of changing kids’ lives. As a Clinic Supervisor, you will provide day-to-day leadership to the clinic team, fostering an office-wide demonstration of Westside’s core values. #ILP

Some of the things you will do:

  • Consistently communicate with all clinic staff
  • Determine and maintain patient schedules, communicating effectively and compassionately with families
  • Manage all patient leads that come into the clinic, ensuring quick, efficient scheduling, as well as answering all questions and concerns
  • Manage the day-to-day operations of the clinic
  • Ensure therapists are maintaining productive caseloads
  • Be the office cheerleader!

We are looking for someone who has 1-3 years experience in managing a high volume clinic, as well as leading highly productive teams. The Clinic Supervisor should have experience managing teams of at least 8-10 people. The Clinic Supervisor must have excellent communication skills, ability to juggle multiple tasks, a great attitude, and believe in the Westside Way.

Why would a Clinic Supervisor choose Westside?

  • Our culture is the best in the world (otherwise, we wouldn’t all be here)
  • You want to create and maintain teams that will change kids’ lives
  • We hire team players
  • We embrace innovation and take risks
  • We view failures as our best learning opportunities
  • We’re an ego-free environment where we each commit to “staying students” and learning from each other.
  • Westsiders are light-hearted, and a little bit goofy too!

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