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Medical Billing Specialist (Full-Time)

Location: Mokena, IL


Westside Overview

Westside is a culture first organization that cares how our Medical Billing Specialists feel on a daily basis.  We foster a safe environment where Billing Specialists are free to be themselves, make mistakes, ask for help when they need it, and experience the power of working on a high-functioning team.  Above all, we aim to meet our mission of changing kids’ lives. As a Medical Billing Specialist that is seeking to support our mission of helping kids, we think you’d be a great fit! #IMP

Why would a Medical Billing Specialist choose Westside?

  • Our culture is the best in the world (otherwise, we wouldn’t all be here)
  • Competitive salary and schedules
  • Light-hearted environment
  • You enjoy “being there” for families – explaining benefits, helping them setup payment plans, and answering questions. We only want billing specialists that show compassion, care, and patience for our families
  • You want to utilize their knowledge of insurance, EOBs, referrals, and claim processing for a meaningful cause

When you interview, here are some fun things you could ask us:

  1. Why does everyone have golden statues of corn on their desks?
  2. Why does our billing staff all have goofy hats?
  3. What is the gong on the wall for?

We keep things real around here and make sure we have fun AND work hard.

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