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Westside Overview

Westside is the best place to work in the world. We’re a culture-first organization that cares foremost about our employees’ and families’ day-to-day experiences.

We’re different at Westside, and it takes the right type of person to mesh with us. When it does fit, it’s a beautiful thing. Our team takes our work seriously but not ourselves. We appreciate humor and keep things light-hearted, positive, and fun. We’re big on teams and bigger on teamwork. We view our organization as a ‘Team of Teams.’ We’re inclusive, and egos are checked at the door.


The Outreach Specialist job responsibilities include:

  • Actively seek new relationship opportunities with local healthcare providers to grow the reach of Westside within local communities. Conduct initial introductions with prospective healthcare partners through office visits.
  • Collaborate with Westside clinics, disciplines, and other members to plan, execute, and promote educational events (CMEs) for families and community-based providers.
  • Being an ambassador in the local community – building relationships with other healthcare providers, social/ community organizations, and marketing partners
  • Develop and maintain ongoing relationships with local healthcare providers to increase patient intake and physician referrals
  • Assist in the improving, designing, and creating of hand-out material (flyers, pamphlets, postcards, videos) to deliver or provide to physicians, partners, visitors, and local businesses
  • Improve and create new material to pass off and present to physicians and local businesses

If you’re looking for just a job, head that way. If you read this and recognize an alignment on cultural values that are meaningful to you, please send us a copy of your resume.

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