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Westside Children’s Therapy seeks an individual to support recruiting and hiring needs for key roles at all of our clinics. They will define the criteria for our target candidates, promote jobs, coordinate interviews, and hire the best-match candidates. As Westside continues to add to its team, this position becomes vitally important for ensuring that the quality of our talent pipeline is consistently strong.

The Talent Acquisition Specialist is a full-time, Chicagoland-based position. The expected start date is May 2019.

Required Skills

Excellent interpersonal skills – an ability to build relationships quickly with candidates. The first impression is key for new hires, and our Talent Acquisition Specialist should be great at making potential hires feel great about Westside.

Effective communication skills – an ability to engage productively in new conversations with job candidates around compensation, benefits, and other hiring related topics.

Have a strong ethical and moral compass – having instincts to always do right by employees, patients, partners, and job applicants and to never stray from the business’s core mission of helping families.

Have a genuine passion for helping children with special needs – if knowing that your efforts are impacting the lives of children with special needs doesn’t truly warm your heart, then this is NOT the role for you.

Have an unwavering can-do attitude – a challenge should excite you. We are looking for problem-solvers who are eager to “figure out a way” when given problems to solve.

Be a great listener – an ability to learn an industry, a company, and a staff very quickly.

Excellent problem-solving skills – an ability to formulate ways to not only to solve status quo issues but also to execute on next-gen activities that advance our hiring processes and job candidate quality.

Humility – an inclination to share credit with others when things go well and to self-reflect when things go wrong.

An appreciation for data – Must have an ability to track, analyze, and interpret hiring data. Our company operates utilizes data to advise hiring decisions.

Talent Acquisition Responsibilities

Responsibility #1: Identifying Hiring Needs

  • Use monthly utilization reports, patient demand forecasts, and conversations with key employees to understand hiring needs
  • Use operational comparisons between clinics to predict upcoming hiring needs

Responsibility #2: Define Job Descriptions

  • As hiring needs are identified, job descriptions for the needed roles should be written
  • Westside’s unique cultural offerings, benefits, compensation, etc. should be highlighted
  • Job description should “tell our story” in a compelling and exciting way to attract candidates

Responsibility #3: Promote Jobs

  • Post job applications on online sites and consistently review for new applicants
  • Any new applicants should receive a response as soon as their application is submitted
  • Use online advertising and personal messages to get in touch with specific candidates

Responsibility #4: Interview Applicants

  • Schedule and conduct screening and deep dive interviews for candidates
  • Provide timely responses to all interviewees and job applicants.
    Ensure all candidates feel that the interview process was both worthwhile and enjoyable for them
  • Create a concrete way to thank all applicants who interview. We recognize that they take time out of their schedules to meet with us. We want them to know that their time and interest in Westside is appreciated

Responsibility #5: Hire Applicants

  • Review candidates in a consistent, rubric-based way to inform your decision about who to hire
  • Work with other HR teammates and clinical staff to make hiring decisions in a standards-based, non-discriminatory way
  • Hire competent applicants that optimally align with Westside’s core values
  • Inform all candidates of the decision in a timely and courteous manner

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