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A Family To Lean On

Westside Children’s Therapy seeks an occupational therapist who has a wear-it-on-their-sleeves passion for working with kids with disabilities. They will provide the highest level of treatment to kids, collaborate with four other therapy disciplines, make Westside families extremely happy, and grow to become the best therapist they can be.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills – an ability to build relationships quickly with parents and families. The first impression is key and you should be great at making families feel great about Westside.
  • Effective communication skills – an ability to engage productively in new conversations with families, clients, and co-workers.
  • Have a strong ethical and moral compass – having instincts to always do right by co-workers, patients,  families, and medical professionals and to never stray from the business’s core mission of helping families
  • Genuine passion for helping children with special needs – if  knowing that your efforts are impacting the lives of children with special needs doesn’t truly warm your heart, then this is NOT the role for you
  • Enormous sense of possibility and an unwavering can-do attitude – a challenge should excite you. We are looking for problem-solvers who are eager to “figure out a way” when given problems to solve.
  • Humility – an inclination to give credit to others when things go well and to  look to self as a possible source of blame when things go wrong.

Occupational Therapist Responsibilities

Responsibility #1: Manage a Caseload of Patients

  • Westside caseloads range from 25-30 treatments hours each week.
  • Your time will be split – 75% percent of your time will be directed to hour-long treatment sessions with clients and 25% of your time will be spent writing documentation.

Responsibility #2: Provide Quality Treatment and Educate Families

  • Help children gain the functional skills they need for independence in play, motor skills development, self-care, and socialization. Therapy includes sensory integration techniques, muscle strengthening, work on bilateral coordination (using two hands together), motor planning, visual perception & motor skills, and direct practice often with adaptations of the fine motor and self-care tasks (cutting, writing, tying shoes).
  • Treatment meets the patient’s goals and needs and the therapist provides quality care by assessing and interpreting evaluations and test results
  • Determine occupational therapy treatment plans in consultation with physicians.
  • Ensure you are getting your SOAP notes, progress notes, and evals submitted in a timely fashion.
  • Support each kids’ progression and achievements. Provide continual feedback to families and give parents exercises or activities they can perform at home.

Responsibility #3: Make Families Happy

  • Westside’s primary responsibility is to make families happy. Anybody who comes through the front door should be treated as part of our Westside Family.
  • Westside values relationships with its clients and families. You need to go out of your way to make sure families feel the warmth of Westside.

Responsibility #4: Collaborate with Other Disciplines

  • Collaborate with other disciplines to ensure team understanding of clients’ needs
  • Promote continuity of care across disciplines by understanding cross-disciplinary treatment goals

Responsibility #5: Be a Contributing Team Member

  • Participate in weekly team meetings.
  • Meetings typically discuss caseloads, new patients, new ideas, team outings, etc.
  • Participation in these meetings is extremely important to increase the quality of care for the kids.

Responsibility #6: Grow as a Therapist

  • Identify interests and participate in continuing education courses to ensure therapy quality is improving.
  • Employees are invited to participate in yearly career conversations with managers. Career goals, promotion opportunities, and current performance are discussed in these meetings. We make sure you are on track to get where you want to be.

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