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A Family To Lean On

Westside Children’s Therapy seeks a Patient Service Representative who has a wear-it-on-their-sleeves passion for working with kids with disabilities. They will provide the highest level of customer service to patient and their families, collaborate with four therapy disciplines, make Westside families extremely happy, and grow to become the best employee they can be.

Required Skills:

  • Excellent interpersonal skills – an ability to build relationships quickly with others,. You will be the face of Westside and interacting with all patients, families, and employees that walk in the door.
  • Outstanding organizational skills – an ability to organize and keep track of hundreds of patients, new and current. each month and to effectively know which ones require action and communication
  • Effective communication skills- an ability to engage positively with parents, therapists, supervisors, and billing/intake/referral team. Remain over-communicative with parents and staff with patient matters.
  • Have a strong ethical and moral compass – having instincts to always do right by patients, and to never stray from the business’s core mission of helping families 
and employees
  • Have an enormous sense of possibility and an unwavering can-do attitude – a challenge should excite you. We are looking for problem-solvers who are eager to “figure out a way” when given problems to solve.
  • Have a genuine passion for helping families with children with special needs – if  knowing that your efforts are impacting the lives of children with special needs doesn’t truly warm your heart, then this is NOT the role for you. These families are trusting us with their most precious part of their lives, and we need to find fulfillment in that we’re helping them.
  • Excellent strategic thinking and problem-solving skills – an ability to formulate ways to solve issues and with an instinct to try fixing the issue first before asking for help
  • Humility – an inclination to give credit to others when things go well and to  look to self as a possible source of blame when things go wrong
  • Be tech Savvy – Must be comfortable using online tools and computers in general


Patient Service Representative Responsibilities

Responsibility #1: Manage Patient Scheduling

  • Responsible for scheduling appointments into electronic appointment system
  • Handle all changes in scheduling of appointments
    Notify patients of cancellation concerns and applicable fees

Responsibility #2: Updating and Maintaining Patient Information

  • Ensure that all referrals, scripts, and authorizations are current and valid
  • Keeps all patient information up to date and accurate
  • Makes sure all patient forms are current
  • Manage all patient charts and keep them organized
    Be responsible for making sure all evaluations and progress notes are faxed to the appropriate physicians and returned in a timely manner

Responsibility #3: Handle Patient Inquiries and Phone Calls

  • Collect co-pays and patient payments from patients in person
  • Answer patient questions about Westside service
  • MUST have a welcoming, kid-friendly attitude that represents the spirit of a caring, pediatric therapy clinic.

Responsibility #4: Assist with Patient Intake Process

  • Be responsible for scheduling all new patient evaluations and basic benefit verification
  • Responsible for scheduling patients’ ongoing treatment sessions
  • Contact physicians to ensure that patient evaluations have been received

Responsibility #5: Maintain Upkeep of Clinic

  • Responsible for general upkeep of the office
  • Responsible for making sure office supplies are stocked

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