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Westside Children’s Therapy seeks a Medical Referral Coordinator who has a wear-it-on-their-sleeves passion for working with kids with disabilities. They will provide the highest level of customer service to patient and their families, collaborate with four therapy disciplines and administrative team, make Westside families extremely happy, and grow to become the best employee they can be.

Required Skills:

Excellent interpersonal skills – an ability to build relationships quickly with parents and families. The first impression is key and you should be great at making families feel great about Westside.
Effective communication skills – an ability to engage productively in new conversations with families, clients, and co-workers.
Have a strong ethical and moral compass – having instincts to always do right by co-workers, patients,  families, and medical professionals and to never stray from the business’s core mission of helping families
Have a genuine passion for helping children with special needs – if  knowing that your efforts are impacting the lives of children with special needs doesn’t truly warm your heart, then this is NOT the role for you
Have enormous sense of possibility and an unwavering can-do attitude – a challenge should excite you. We are looking for problem-solvers who are eager to “figure out a way” when given problems to solve.
Humility – an inclination to give credit to others when things go well and to  look to self as a possible source of blame when things go wrong.

Medical Referral Coordinator Responsibilities: 

Responsibility #1: Requesting Ongoing Referrals & Scripts

  • Request renewed referrals ad scripts as they expire in a timely fashion to ensure that services are not disrupted
  • Inform families if their action is necessary to renew a referral or script
  • Inform therapists if their action is necessary to renew a referral or script
  • Maintain an internal tracking system that efficiently ensures no renewals are missed
  • Develop strategic systems for handling the various types of scripts/referrals
  • Ensure no child is ever seen without an active referral or script

Responsibility #2: Processes Initial Patient Intake Scripts or Referrals

  • As a new patient enters our system, we need to request a script as soon as possible to shorten the onboarding time for new patients
  • Add new patients to internal tracking system and update status accordingly

Responsibility #3: Requesting and Processing Pre-Authorizations  

  • For Labor funds and certain insurance companies, pre-authorizations will need to be processed and tracked

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