Save $100 With Westside’s Referral Program

Westside patients have been referring friends and family for years. It is time to thank them for their support.

Westside’s referral plan allows current patients to refer a friend or family and receive $100 off their current balance.

Looking for an easy way to send information to friends or family?

Use this link to message a friend or post on Facebook.

Conditions That Must Be Met

1. The friend or family who is referred schedules an evaluation with Westside.
2. The current patient must be listed as the “referrer” on the intake paperwork for the referred patient.
3. The referred patient must attend at least 4 appointments excluding the initial evaluation.

If these steps occur, the current patient will have $100 taken off of their current bill!

Additional Information:

1. If the current patient does not have a patient balance above $100, the referral award will be applied as a credit.
2. If the person referring a patient is not a direct parent or guardian of a current patient at Westside, they are not eligible to receive the $100 credit.
3. The $100 is only ever distributed as a patient statement credit. It is never distributed as cash, a gift card, etc.
4. If the referred patient ends up receiving more than 1 service, the $100 award does not increase.