“Experienced, effective, professional… all in a loving, welcoming family setting. I could go on and on about why I have and will continue to recommend Westside to my family and friends. When looking for a physical therapist for my son I wanted the absolute best, and I can 100% say that I found the best.”

Our Approach

Distance to clinics and limited availability can be barriers for parents seeking services for their child. With teletherapy, Westside makes therapy more accessible to such families. 

We use teletherapy for ongoing therapy for certain diagnoses and treatment plans, parent training and consulting, checking in on patients after services end, and for specialty programs such as our Potty Training Boot Camp. 

Our 20+ year-long, strong reputation with families and doctors extends to our teletherapy services. With Westside, parents can be assured that the therapist delivering teletherapy services is well-vetted. 

As with our in-clinic therapy, the goal for your child and family remains the same: life-changing outcomes.

Teletherapy Services

Please note that teletherapy may not be appropriate for complex diagnoses or when behavioral concerns are present. We only use teletherapy for specific use cases when clinical outcomes can be achieved:

  • Speech Therapy
    • Speech therapy for select diagnoses and treatment plans
    • Parent consults
    • Post-treatment follow-up
  • Occupational Therapy
    • Occupational therapy for select diagnoses and treatment plans
    • Parent consults
    • Post-treatment follow-up
  • Physical Therapy
    • Parent consults
    • Post-treatment follow-up
    • Home exercises coaching and modification
  • Counseling Therapy
    • Child, sibling, and family counseling services for most diagnoses
    • Parent consults
    • Post-treatment follow-up
  • ABA Therapy
    • Parent training and consults
    • Potty Training Boot Camp
  • Feeding Therapy
    • Post-treatment follow-up
    • SOS Food School follow-ip
    • Parent consults
    • Picky Eater training for parents

How does it work?

Teletherapy is a variation from in-clinic therapy. A licensed therapist uses video conferencing software to guide the child and/or parent through the session. Although the session is facilitated through the computer, the clinical techniques used are aligned to what we’d do in the clinic.

For a child’s session, it is required that the parent is present to supervise. Our therapists will guide the parents through the exercises and will advise them on which materials which will be needed.

Teletherapy sessions can be scheduled for weekly appointments or as one-time consults.

Is it effective?

For the appropropriate use cases, yes! This is why Westside selectively offers teletherapy. We have chosen only the use cases that we believe add clinical value. As a matter of principle, we refrain from using teletherapy for diagnoses and treatment plans that cannot be implemented effectively with teletherapy. Our therapists are trained to inform parents when in-clinic services are more appropriate for treatment.

What does it cost?

We will check with your insurance to see if teletherapy is covered. If it is, we will bill to your insurance accordingly. If it is not covered, below are session rates for teletherapy:

  • Teletherapy Sessions
    • 30 minutes: $50
    • 45 minutes: $75
    • 60 minutes: $100
    • Evaluations: $200

Getting Started With Teletherapy

If you are interested in Teletherapy,  submit an inquiry using the button below. Our Patient Coordinator will call within 1-2 business days to help you determine a plan that works best.  If you are still unsure, you can:

  • Submit a request for our Patient Coordinator to talk to you about a free, 30-minute screening
  • View our developmental checklist
  • Ask a question using the “Leave a Message” feature in the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • Call us anytime at (815) 469-1500 for more information

Why Do Families Trust Westside?

Strong Clinical Leadership

Westside’s Clinical Directors train and supervise therapists to ensure quality.

Distinct, Family-Centered Approach

Our therapists have warm personalities that foster strong relationships with families.

Time-Tested, Quality Reputation

Westside has been providing pediatric therapy for over 25 years.

Multiple Disciplines and Perspectives

6 specialities fosters internal collaboration to meet all of your child’s needs.


800+ pediatricians have trusted Westside

Impressively Talented Therapists

Competitive hiring process and high-performance standards – you’ll find only warm, friendly, and talented therapists.