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We are so excited that you’re interested in therapy at Westside! It is our privilege to support you and your family.

While we do everything we can to speed things up, the process of scheduling your evaluation is not instant and includes steps outside of our control.
  1. We need to connect with you over the phone to collect your information.
  2. You or your doctor may have to provide Westside with a script or referral. (You do not need to do this if you’re requesting a diagnostic test for autism.)
  3. Your insurance may need to let us know if you have any exclusions for therapy.
  4. We schedule the initial evaluation.

You may speed the process up by returning our phone calls quickly, being flexible with your availability, and – if needed – getting us the script/referral right away (Fax (779) 216-3069 or email intakes@westsidect.com).

Requesting only after-school hours, which are in high demand, adds time to the process. Having availability between 8am – 3pm generally speeds things up.

We know the process of getting started may be tedious. Once you get started, though, you will see why 98% of families highly refer us and why 800+ pediatricians send their kids here.