Westside Wisdom

Westside is informing its families about common diagnoses our therapists see around the clinic. We are releasing videos designed to educate families on certain conditions or behaviors they should look out for.


This video stars physical therapist Haley Ashley. Watch as she explains the diagnosis of torticollis, a condition in which an infant favors tilting their head in one direction.

Toe Walking

This video stars physical therapist Shari Cassidy. Shari talks about the concerns of toe-walking and what happens when it goes untreated. In the video, Shari is serial casting which is a treatment method used for the most severe cases of idiopathic toe-walkers.

Picky Eating

Rebecca Lonkar, a Speech & Language Pathologist / Feeding Therapist, teaches parents the differences between a “Picky Eater” and a “Problem Feeder”. “Picky Eaters” typically accept more than 30 foods, tolerate new foods on their plate, and eat at least one food from each food group. “Problem Feeders” on the other hand accept fewer than 20 foods, become upset when new foods are presented, and refuse entire groups of food textures.


4-year Old Language Norms

Speech & Language Pathologist Tracey discusses language norms a child should be expressing by the time they are 4 years old. She also discusses identifiable, developmental red flags for parents to keep an eye out for.