Therapy Overview

We are a team of dedicated and highly trained therapist professionals offering the best in Physical, Occupational, Speech, Feeding, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), and VitalStim therapy. All our therapist types our co-located, meaning we can work together to design unique programs to meet each child’s individual needs. Our one-stop shop, interdisciplinary approach allows parents to schedule several therapy services to occur at one time, in one location with  a unique continuity of care.

We provide day, night, and weekend appointment scheduling. While our clinics have a pediatric focus, we routinely treat adults and athlete injuries. Most of the therapy we do is based in play. This is why you will see zip lines, rock walls, slides swings, ball pits, crash pads, and all kinds of toys in our clinics. They help us create the child-centered environment that our patients thrive in.


Our Services

Childrens Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Helps children maximize their physical abilities and minimize their physical limitations for long-term results.p

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Occupational Therapy

Teaches children the functional skills needed for independence in play, motor skills development, self-care, and socialization.

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Speech Therapy, Westside Childrens Therapy

Speech Therapy

Facilitates children in establishing the speech and language language skills vital for effective communication.

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Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA improves children’s behavior by decreasing problem behaviors and increasing functional skills.

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Westside Children's Therapy Applied Behavior Therapy


Used to treat both the pediatric and adult population with dysphagia/swallowing disorders.

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Does your child need therapy

Feeding Therapy

Are mealtimes difficult? Is your child a picky eater? Does your child struggle to gain weight?

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