“The professionalism is way above standards. The friendliness is present by each staff member. The communication is always perfect. The involvement and care shown to our daughter is refreshing and much appreciated. The progress she has made is amazing. We are so glad that we chose Westside and highly recommend them.” – The Williams Family

Family Counseling

Family relationships can be complex. In most families, problems are not isolated. The family is a system where one problem in a parent-child relationship can have an extensive impact on other relationships in the family.

The purpose of family counseling is to encourage an understanding and collaboration among family members in order to solve the problems of one or more individuals. For example, if a child is having emotional and behavioral outbursts, counseling will focus on the family patterns that may contribute to the child’s acting out, rather than evaluating the child’s behavior alone. As the family uncovers the source of the problem, they learn to support the child as well as other family members and work proactively to alter the conditions that contribute to the child’s problem behaviors.

Our Locations

We have locations in Orland Park, Plainfield – Naperville , Joliet – Shorewood, Frankfort, Wheaton, and a headquarters office in Mokena. We also offer teletherapy services for counseling. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is counseling confidential?

Yes, information you share in counseling sessions will be treated with strict confidentiality and is protected by state and federal laws. Information will not be disclosed to anyone outside Westside Children’s Therapy without your written permission, except in instances when such disclosure is necessary to protect you or someone else from imminent danger.Yes.

Is family counseling effective?

Yes. Family counseling can be extremely helpful in reducing maladaptive interaction patterns between family members and even reducing seemingly isolated behavior problems in children. Our counselors are familiar with the complexities of family life and the difficulties families face when one or more family members are struggling with mental health concerns. Here at Westside we are dedicated to support and guide families to help achieve healthy family dynamics.

How long does family counseling take?

Ideally, counseling is terminated when the problem that the family pursued counseling for becomes more manageable or is resolved. However, it requires that families are consistent in attending sessions and most importantly that they are committed to exercising new skills in real-life settings.

Additionally the time frame will depend on the reason families seek out counseling in the first place. Some families enter therapy with a specific concern or area of focus. In these cases the timeline may be rapid.

In contrast, a family may seek out therapy for deeper problems that can’t be resolved quickly. In these cases therapy might take months or even years to work through and move forward.

In many circumstances our clinicians utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach to counseling. This is a solution-focused method. In these cases clients may be seen once per week for 45-60 minutes over the course of three to six months.

What are the costs of family counseling?

Check our current insurance list to see if your plan is in network. If your plan is in network, we will bill directly to your insurance.

Based on your plan, we can predict what your weekly costs will be before your start. If your plan is not in network, we do have self-pay rates available (please call 815 469-1500).

Why is Westside considered the best provider?

Above all, the main reason is our family feedback.

Every family is sent a survey at the beginning, middle, and end of their services. It asks: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer Westside to your friends and family?” Here are the results after over 800 responses to date:

Average Beginning Score: 9.71/10
Average Middle Score: 9.83/10
Average End Score: 9.89/10

This is why Westside is the best. And we’re never going to stop fighting to get those to 10/10.

What does getting started look like?

The experience begins with a consultation between the family and the therapist. The goal is simple: to listen and understand needs. This informs the therapists on whether or not therapy will be effective. If it is agreed that therapy will be beneficial, this meeting becomes the starting point for developing an individualized treatment plan.

Want to Speak to our Family Counseling Team?

If you’re interested in family counseling services, please submit an inquiry. If you are still unsure, you can:

  • Submit a request for our Intake Coordinator to talk to you about a free, 30-minute screening
  • View our developmental checklist
  • Ask a question using the “Leave a Message” feature in the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • Call us at (815) 469-1500