(1) Westside goes above and beyond in supporting kids and families.

We view our patients as an extension of our own family. We view your choice to get therapy at Westside as the first step in an ongoing, lifelong partnership in helping to support your child.

In 2016, for example, when Westside witnessed many of its families struggling to afford vital support for their children, a group of therapists and staff members worked to establish the Westside Foundation as a means to support any child with special needs whose family is experiencing economic hardship. Every year, Westside dedicates its people, time, and resources to support the Westside Foundation in providing $50,000 in assistance to families in need.

We believe action speaks louder than words when it comes to helping families in need.

(2) Over 98% of families are “very likely to refer Westside to a friend”

Across different review sites (Facebook reviews, Google reviews),  clinics, timeframes, and therapy services – the responses are the same. Westside has a long-standing track record – spanning decades – of providing the highest quality, most family-centered therapy.

  • “The treatments at Westside Children’s Therapy are cutting edge and the family environment are second to none.“
  • “The experienced therapists and staff feel like an extension of our family. They really care about us and our son’s progress and well-being.”
  • “By choosing Westside Children’s Therapy, you are committing to the best treatment for your child and a relationship that will last a lifetime!
  • “We traveled 30 + miles every week to see them and will do it again.”
  • “Experienced, effective, professional… all in a loving, welcoming family setting. I could go on and on about why I have and will continue to recommend Westside to my family and friends.”
  • “My daughter will ask every day if she’s going to see her speech therapist and her ABA therapist. My daughter gets really excited when we pull up to Westside Children’s Therapy.”

Check out the complete list of testimonials here or read our most recent parent survey.

(3) Westside knows what we stand for.

Westside has a clearly defined set of values that our company lives and breathes by. Our hiring processes, performance reviews, promotion and termination decisions, and awards are all built around our values. This helps ensure that we hire, retain, and award employees who demonstrate their commitment to the Westside Way.

We believe being a great place to work is the difference between being a good company and a great company. We prefer the latter.

(4) Westside is a 1-stop shop for all therapy needs.

We offer all of our therapy services (physical, occupational, speech, feeding, applied behavior analysis, neurofeedback) in every one of our centers. This often makes scheduling easy for children who receive multiple services. Also, our therapists who treat the same children can coordinate on treatment plans.

The Westside experience is designed to be convenient for families and maximize the sharing of knowledge between therapists.

(5) Westside has the best therapy leadership.

Shari Cassidy – Westside’s Director of Therapy – has been practicing pediatric therapy for over 30 years. Upon graduating from Northwestern University‘s Physical Therapy program, Shari worked for 12 years at Children’s Memorial Hospital. In 1995, she began private treatment with a few families. Through the reputation that she built as a leading expert in physical pediatric therapy, her individual efforts led to Westside, which now consists of a team of over 80 specialists treating thousands of families each year across Illinois. Westside’s staff, parents, children, and students are uniquely positioned to learn from the best.

(6) Westside builds the best, most kid-friendly clinics.

When presented with a cost choice between optimizing clinics and saving on the bottom line, Westside prioritizes the quality of our clinics. Most competitor clinics are 2,000-4,000 square feet; Westside spends over twice as much as competitors in building out large 5,000 – 8,100 square foot clinics. Here’s why:

  • To have large gyms to house the large equipment that kids get excited about (ziplines, playgrounds, rock walls, etc.)
  • To have enough private treatment rooms for all focus-intensive therapy
  • To have therapists from every discipline in one location, collaborating on shared kids
  • To have specialty therapy rooms –  kitchens, play rooms, classrooms, bedrooms – to practice at-home behaviors

We view investing in the quality of our clinics as investing in the quality of our therapy. 

(7) Westside therapists are highly trained.

Westside is constantly investing in the development of its therapists. We host training sessions from outside specialists, conduct frequent observations of therapists, solicit parent feedback, and constantly send therapists to courses to learn the latest techniques in pediatric therapy. The quality of our therapists is a key differentiator – just ask our parents or watch the therapists directly as they share their “Westside Wisdom.”

(8) Westside shows appreciation to our families through action.

Each year, Westside organizes a Fall Fest for our families as a way to provide a safe, Halloween-themed event for our children . We go all out:  free food and drinks, Trunk-or-Treating, a Haunted House, kids’ games and prizes, and even appearances from the SWAT team, police department, and fire department. Over 60 volunteers coordinate this event as a way of saying thanks in a BIG way to the families that make our jobs possible.

In addition, Westside coordinates Santa Visits, coloring contests, costume contests, and a variety of other non-therapy events that are done purely through a spirit of appreciation.