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ABA therapy applies the principles of learning to teach socially significant behaviors. It is proven to be effective in supporting kids with autism.

About ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based therapy used to address a child’s needs in the area of cognitive, behavioral, social, and emotional functioning.

At Westside, ABA focuses on the acquisition of skills that enable children and young adults to live more independent and fulfilling lives. Target skills include communication, language acquisition, play and social skills, academics, and adaptive daily living skills.

Our primary ambition is to help your child achieve socially meaningful goals that increase their quality of life. Our outcomes are why 800+ pediatricians refer to Westside and why 98% of families would refer a friend.

Our Specializations


Autism Spectrum Disorder (toddlers, kids, and young adults)


Parent Collaboration for Implementing Behavior Techniques


School Readiness (2 – 6 years old) – See Ignite Program


Academic Skills


Child and Teen Social Skills


Social / Group Therapy


Self-care and Safety Skills


Functional Communicative Training

What our ABA Therapy Looks Like



ABA Therapy begins with an evaluation from a clinician. This evaluation informs you of the recommended frequency of appointments and the areas we can support your child.



When determining the frequency of ongoing therapy, we never forget about kids being kids.  We also understand that families have a life outside of therapy. Our goal is to find a therapy schedule that meets your needs and addresses your child’s concerns. We make this a human process, and we’re not-hardliners.

ABA Therapy sessions are 1-on-1 and take place in our clinics. Our clinics are designed to be kid-friendly (rockwalls, ball pits, jumping ledges, etc.), where kids have such a blast that they forget that they are in therapy. It is a refreshing change from a typical medical office.


Achieving Outcomes

Our therapists are overseen by Directors, who are highly respected, veteran therapists. Their job is to mentor therapists and ensure every child is receiving therapy from well-coached, skilled therapists.

One of the most common barriers in this field to achieving outcomes is clinician turnover. While the field averages 50% turnover, our annual turnover rate is 10.3%. The continuity of care we’ve worked endlessly to achieve enhances our outcomes, and is a breath of fresh air for parents.

Everything you need to know about ABA Therapy

Why is Westside considered the best provider?

There are many reasons from low staff turnover to having over 800+ pediatricians referring to us for services. Above all is our parents’ feedback.

Every parent is sent a survey at the beginning, middle, and end of their therapy services. It asks: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer Westside to your friends and family.” Here is what parents say:

  • Average Beginning Score: 9.71/10
  • Average Middle Score: 9.83/10
  • Average End Score: 9.89/10

This is exactly why Westside is deemed the best.

Do you have a waitlist?

Westside uses proprietary software to measure demand and seasonality to predict hiring needs.

Accordingly, we try to hire before waitlists develop. This reduces how long it takes for new families to start.

That said, it is common that we have to request authorization from your insurance company. That part of the process is out of our control and can add at least several weeks of wait time. 

What does ABA Therapy cost?

While cost varies by insurance plan, number of therapy hours, and other factors, we still inform you on what you’ll expect to pay.

We have built a sophisticated cost calculator that looks at 19 factors that impact cost. When we run it, it shows you a week-by-week prediction of cost.

This estimate occurs after your evaluation once we know the frequency of therapy. All of you do is provide us with your insurance plan details, and we handle the rest.

Do you do anything to help families with costs?

Yes! This is where Westside is different. We don’t exist to maximize profit like many of the private-equity backed ABA companies (this is a trend in ABA right now). Such investors require a financial return paid for by you. Westside does not play that game.

Instead, we dedicate resources to making care more affordable. For example, every year the Westside Foundation gives away $50,000 in support to families with children with special needs that are struggling economically. You can apply quarterly.

Which insurances do you accept?

We work with a wide variety of insurance companies and HMO networks. We are always expanding our network – click here to view the list of our currently accepted insurances.

Which age ranges do you treat?

At Westside, we generally treat children 0-18 years old. Our therapists are trained to work to work with kids, toddlers, and teens. 

Similarly aged children typically come to therapy at the same time frames. For example, many of the teens come after-school, and we often practice peer-to-peer interaction and social activities.

How often will my child need ABA Therapy?

The frequency of therapy depends on: (1) Your availability and preferences, (2) Our clinical recommendation, and (3) Approval from your insurance. 

Our rule of thumb is that we need to have enough therapy to make meaningful outcomes AND remember that these kids are kids. We have to balance clinical recommendations with what works for the family and the child. We are not hard-liners about this, and instead, take a more balanced approach that is accommodating of each family’s unique needs. 

We also teach parents to carry over the treatment plans at home. Then, when a child graduates, families can continue providing the support.

ABA Clinics

We primarily offer in-clinic therapy.  Research has shown that kids with autism learn at a rate 200 % greater per hour when receiving services in the clinic (as compared to in home).

We locate our ABA centers near you! We have locations in Willowbrook, Schaumburg, Orland Park, Plainfield – Naperville, Joliet – Shorewood, Frankfort, Wheaton, and a headquarters office in Mokena.

If you take a look at our ABA Centers, you will see why kids excitedly run through our doors when they arrive for therapy.  

Getting Started With ABA Therapy

If you are interested, submit an inquiry below. Our Patient Coordinator will call to help you determine a plan forward.  If you are still unsure, you can call us anytime at (815) 469-1500 for more information.