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You’ve Arrived at our “Leadership” Page!

If you were expecting executive headshots and bios, we’re sorry to disappoint. To portray that this organization thrives on the leadership of a select few would be inaccurate.

Our mentality on leadership is much more broad. Leadership, The Westside Way, is the alignment of one’s actions with the mindsets, values, and behaviors that our organization cares deeply about. Exhibiting these traits is expected of each employee.

At Westside, we are on a mission to elevate the bar of providing exceptional pediatric therapy, and to move that mountain, we expect every one of us to lead. The emphasis on this mountain-moving is on the “we” part. We support and train all teammates in developing leadership skills through a Leadership Bootcamp training series that incorporates best practice management approaches from some of the world’s leading institutions.

So, What is “Westside Leadership” then?

When you lead the Westside Way…


You ask yourself daily: “Why would anyone follow me?” and ensure your answer is anchored in a commitment to care about, support, and build trust with the teammates you serve. You know how to bring people together, and lift those around you up. You understand that enthusiasm is contagious, and you choose to be a carrier.


You maintain humility and know that the day you stop being a student is the day you stop learning. You do not shy from feedback. Instead, you crave the input of others as the fuel that accelerates your learning.


When you confront adversity, you’re inclined to self-reflect. You lean into interpersonal conflicts and do the repair that fosters strong peer-to-peer connections. You are wise to know that vulnerability is a strength, not a weakness.


You create a psychologically safe environment where people can ask questions, be themselves, and make mistakes. You are generous in giving credit when the team succeeds and accountable in assuming responsibility in failure. You transform your team’s learnings through failure into rocket fuel for growth.