Therapeutic Programs

What is a Therapeutic Program?


Therapeutic programs are intensive therapy programs that are structured with a school-like environment which apply the principles of ABA therapy. Therapeutic programs support children with Autism. There are programs for various age groups.  Our IGNITE program has a typical age range of 2-6, RISE has a typical age range of 5-8, and FOCUS has a typical age range of 9+.

All therapeutic programs provide a 1:1 therapist-to-learner ratio, individualized programming, daily summary notes and parent-to-therapist communication through a client portal.

IGNITE and RISE are day programs for children seeking school-readiness skills.  FOCUS is an after-school program for learners that attend school during the day but seek extra support.  Parents can choose how involved their child is in each program by selecting a number of days and sessions each week. Extended scheduling is available for children who receive other services outside of program times or need additional support.

All three therapeutic programs combine both group and individual activities. The programs function as a structured social setting for children to learn age-appropriate social skills in both settings. At the same time, each child has their own unique program goals. Children are able to master their own developmental goals while building the skills that will enable them to succeed in more traditional school and social settings.

One of the key benefits of our Therapeutic Programs is that they are fun! Kids enjoy working and playing with their peers to reach common goals, group activities and games are incorporated, and teams of therapists can collaborate to support all of the kids in the program. We want to make sure your child is excited and comfortable to be in the programs. 

Types of Therapeutic Programs

aba therapist at westside does an activity with a child for an evaluation


IGNITE is an early learner therapeutic program.  It is a full day program scheduled from 9am – 3pm. The day is divided into two parts – one session in the morning and another in the afternoon. The typical age range for IGNITE is 2-6.

aba therapy program picture - activity time


RISE is a therapeutic program for children who are more advanced in their skills, but still seek school-readiness skills. It is a daytime, school-like program focused on applying foundational learning skills to achieve more advanced mastery of academic, independence, and social goals.  Children must master their IGNITE goals before transitioning to RISE, as they will be required to demonstrate a higher level of independence.  

picture of a child in an ABA therapeutic programs at Westside Children's Therapy


FOCUS is an afterschool therapy program for individuals that go to school during the day but that are looking for additional support. The program emphasizes the strengthening of school-appropriate social skills and independence in the day-to-day situations that the learner face, including interacting with peers, appropriately handling competitiveness, and working on teams.  FOCUS places emphasis on providing learners more skills to interact in their community and gain community awareness.  They will have opportunities to interact and “bridge the gap” between client and community.   

Multidisciplinary Approach

An emphasis of therapeutic programs is tailoring programming to each child’s individual clinical needs. If a child needs additional therapy, the program schedules allow for other services to be conducted during the same visit.  The following therapies can be incorporated:

Therapeutic Programs Setting

Therapeutic programs will be offered at all of our locations. Each clinic includes classroom-like settings with circle time areas, tables and learner stations for classroom activities, private rooms for individualized therapies, and sensory gyms for group exercises. Our clinics are designed for children, with fun therapy equipment, vibrant colors, and age-appropriate toys and games.


Therapeutic programs are typically paid through private insurance (a child must have an autism diagnosis and ABA coverage). Our staff can determine for you if your insurance will cover IGNITERISE, or FOCUS. Private pay options are also available, and families can select a therapy frequency that is within their budget. For families with Medicaid that demonstrate economic hardship, Westside provides sponsorship that makes therapeutic programs more accessible.


A combination of board certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) and registered behavioral technicians (RBTs) will work 1:1 with your child during the therapeutic programs your child is enrolled in. They will guide your child’s involvement in peer-group activities. Additionally, every child has an individualized development plan, which can include other evidence based, therapeutic procedures. Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists, Child Counselors, Feeding Therapists, and Physical Therapists may be involved in the child’s individualized programming. Each child’s therapists will collaborate on the child’s therapy program.

Getting Started

The enrollment process in Westside’s therapeutic programs includes the following steps:
  1. Submit the enrollment form below
  2. Our Family Support Team will contact you to learn about your child.
  3. Insurance benefits will be verified
  4. Multidisciplinary evaluations will be scheduled at the clinic closest to you
  5. Your child’s schedule will be developed and discussed with you.
  6. The program begins!
If you’re interested in beginning the process of enrolling in Westside’s therapeutic programs, you may enroll below. Our Patient Coordinator will call within 1-2 business days to help you determine if our therapeutic programs are right for your child. Alternatively, you can call us anytime at (815) 469-1500 for more information.