“The therapists and kids are always so happy together, and the therapists genuinely display such sincere love and care for each child. Even the staff and therapists that don’t work directly with my daughter seem to know her by name and interact with her so positively.”

Westside Leads in Autism Services for Children

Highest Reviewed By Parents

A strong blend of high quality and family-centeredness is why 98% of families recommend Westside and why Westside is the highest reviewed.

Advanced Methodologies

Outdated practices focus narrowly on specific skill acquisition. We promote generalizable learning habits that lead to broad skill development.

Clinics Built for Autism Services

Private treatment rooms, multiple sensory gyms, social areas, & living areas to work on “at-home” skills.

All Services, One Location 

6 unique services fosters collaboration across specialists to meet each child’s holistic needs.

Low Staff Turnover

Autism therapy turnover is high – ours is not. We hire therapists looking for careers, not disposable income. We treat them as long-term employees.

Impressively Talented Therapists

We hire less than 10% of the autism therapists that apply. This is because we demand not only therapy excellence but also the Westside Way‘ intangibles that set us apart.

What We Emphasize

Westside has specialized in working with children with autism for decades. We believe in:

  • Long-term, transformational results instead of quick mastery of surface-level skills
  • Cross-environment learning to generalize skills, not memorize them
  • Individualized treatment plans that serve the unique needs of each child
  • The quality of services, not quantity
  • Making progress with kids but never at the expense of always being nice, warm, and loving to them
  • Never forgetting that a kid is a kid
  • Providing stable, fulfilling careers to therapists to promote continuity of care
  • Offering comprehensive autism therapy services to meet the breadth of challenges a child with autism faces
  • Life-changing results from our autism services – that’s the baseline expectation
  • Offering a family-first environment where each parent is treated like an extension of our family
  • Making parents partners, collaborators, and advisers in the therapy process

Our Services

  • Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) is our most common treatment for children with autism. It decreases problem behaviors and increases functional and appropriate skills and behaviors. 
  • IGNITE  is a day program that provides individualized ABA therapy to enhance school readiness skills for early learners (ages 3-7).
  • Physical Therapy is used to address the signs of physical weakness that are often exhibited by children with autism.
  • Speech Therapy targets the communication deficits associated with children with autism. Therapists also assist families and children in setting up Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices.
  • Occupational Therapy improves the sensory processing issues seen in 60-70% of children with autism and that can be inter-related with behavioral concerns.
  • Feeding Therapy may be appropriate for children with autism who have a restricted repertoire of preferred foods.
  • Counseling is offered for sibling and other family members. Being a parent or sibling of a child with autism creates a unique set of challenges that counseling supports.
  • School Consults are offered to school districts to support staff and classrooms in mitigating problematic behaviors and promoting school-appropriate behaviors.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in services at Westside,  submit an inquiry. Our Patient Coordinator will call within 1-2 business days to help you find a plan that works for you.  If you are still unsure, you can:

  • Submit a request for our Patient Coordinator to talk to you about a free, 30-minute screening
  • View our developmental checklist
  • Ask a question using the “Leave a Message” feature in the bottom-right corner of your screen
  • Call us anytime at (815) 469-1500 for more information