The heart and soul of what we do is driven by an obsessive pursuit to make that answer a resounding “YES!” Westside is not “just another” therapy provider. We offer an alternative to families that is above and beyond better.

We don’t aim for “good clinical results.” We expect ours to change lives. We’re not only kid-friendly. We’re so kid-friendly that kids sprint into our clinics. We don’t only support parents. We support them so much that they feel like an extension of family.

These distinctions in service create the magic that is the Westside Way. 

Therapy Quality

Our therapy is driven by results. A child’s progress isn’t something we just tell parents about. Parents will undoubtedly detect it in their child’s day-to-day life. This progress will instill confidence and hope on what can be an overwhelming journey. When a parent asks their child “How was therapy today?”, the child will say positive things. Parents will see bonds formed as their child is patiently cared for, loved, and accepted by therapists. Children will have fun and look forward to therapy. Our therapists have real passion. Parents will witness their smiles and genuine excitement. Parents will love their child’s therapist. They will feel assured that therapists care for their child as if they were their own.

Parent Support

Parents will be greeted with a smile every time they enter and feel comfortable and welcome. Our therapists always keep parents informed on their child’s progress and have their questions answered. There's no need for a parent to ever feel intimidated to advocate for their child, as our friendly staff is there to help. A parent’s concerns become our responsibility. We seek to comfort parents and put them at ease. We are beholden to our ideal of treating families like an extension of our own family.

Customer Experience

When we fall short on the Westside Way, (and we do sometimes), we respond with integrity, honesty, and trustworthiness. We always do right by families. We listen to them. We investigate what went wrong. We assume responsibility. And we act. We never forget that we exist to serve families. Resolved concerns become our stepping stones towards providing the perfect experience that families deserve.

Getting Started

If you are interested, submit an inquiry below. Our Patient Coordinator will call to help you determine a plan forward. If you are still unsure, you can call us anytime at (815) 469-1500 for more information.