“We have received phenomenal references from specialists that have supported her care and us as her parents. I can’t imagine taking this journey without Shari Cassidy and the therapists she employs. I am thankful everyday that we found this clinic. We couldn’t be more pleased!”

–Angela Stallion

“I am a father of a seven year old autistic son who has been receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy at Westside Children’s Therapy. Not only as a parent, but a practicing physical therapist, I couldn’t be happier with the treatment my son is receiving. From day one, Shari took an interest in his life and her passion has brought the best out of him. The treatments at Westside Children’s Therapy are cutting edge and the family environment are second to none.”
-Jason Hafner MPT,LAT

“We love Westside Children’s Therapy. The atmosphere is always cheerful and welcoming. The experienced therapists and staff feel like an extension of our family. They really care about us and our son’s progress and well-being. Thanks Westside!”
-The Bastian Family

“Westside Children’s Therapy is the RIGHT CHOICE for therapy when you want only the best for your child! Extremely knowledgeable about your child’s difficulties, provide information to the parents that can be understood, and treat your child with the loving and caring compassion you desire. Physical Therapist, Shari Cassidy, has treated our daughter with Cerebral Palsy for the past 15 years. We are confident that we made the best decision for our child by choosing Shari Cassidy. Our relationship with Shari is not only professional, but also personal, since we have all become a FAMILY. By choosing Westside Children’s Therapy, you are committing to the best treatment for your child and a relationship that will last a lifetime!”
-The Kandziorski Family

“Bringing my daughter to Westside Children’s Therapy has been a wonderful and positive experience. My daughter has been going for almost 2 years and has made great progress. Compared to other places I feel Westside is more personal and has established a relationship with my child as well as the whole family. Her therapy is created around her specific needs and my whole family has been taught and encouraged to help her at home as well. I know they honestly care about my daughter and want her to reach her full potential. Having a special needs child can be very heartbreaking, confusing and scary. Westside has helped so much and given us hope.”
-The Colella Family

“Professional, compassionate physical therapy with kindness, honesty and integrity describes our experience with Shari Cassidy owner of Westside Children’s Therapy. For the past 14 years, Shari Cassidy has not only lovingly treated my entire family.Through her patience and gentle guidance, Shari has taught me, as a mom, how to understand posture and wheelchair positioning for a child with spastic CP. Besides the wonderful therapy my daughter has received, Shari has made this difficult journey much less painful for all of us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”
-The Seefeldt Family

“Our baby boy was born in October. Upon his first doctor visit our pediatrician told us that he had Congenital Torticollis (a head tilt) and recommended waiting three months to see if the CT corrected itself…it didn’t. This being our first child, we were nervous and concerned for his health, because of the CT he only used one side of his body and would only look over one shoulder.The doctor strongly suggested physical therapy and the #1 therapist on the list was Shari Cassidy at Westside Children’s Therapy. Shari performed our son’s first evaluation and immediately we knew this was the best place for him to correct his CT.The atmosphere of Westside is loaded with love and care. Every staff member front desk and is very patient and flexible with paperwork, insurance, and Thursdays and both demonstrate their skill, care, and love every time they work with him.They share their knowledge in a way that doesn’t make us feel stupid or irrelevant and the best part is…we understand it.We feel included in our son’s healing process as well, in fact, much of the therapy is done in the home. Shari and Leah provide us with the tools we need to evaluate our son and apply the correct therapy. This relieved much of the tension any parent would feel having to deal with their child’s infirmity. We continue to feel very confident putting our son into their hands, they continue to earn and keep our trust with every visit.”
-The McNeill Family

“We can’t say enough about the outstanding care and treatment that Westside Children’s Therapy has given our son. The therapists are encouraging, patient, motivating and upbeat. They have taught our son that he does not know the limits of what his body can and can’t do; that with consistent hard work, he will thrive beyond all expectations. From a parent’s perspective, they have always taken time to make sure we understand his treatment plan, what progress to expect, and things we should monitor. We always feel comfortable asking questions, even if we ask over and over. Gratitude is the only word that expresses what we feel about them as partners on this journey.”
-The Desmond Family

“My daughter started at Westside a year ago and could only say a couple words. After a year, she is speaking in sentences and asking and understanding questions. The staff has done a wonderful job with her, and I am so thankful we brought her to Westside for speech therapy.”
-A. Marie

“My son really enjoys going! I love the staff. I can see him making so many strides at this place.”
-K. Woods

“My husband and I were talking last night about our son and remarking on how far he has come in one year at Westside. Through OT he has gone from a child we couldn’t take anywhere to a child who is fun to be around and learning to control himself in so many ways. He has begun to understand his own body and has developed strategies he can use to calm down when he is overstimulated or to rev up when he is under stimulated. Westside has been such a blessing to our family!”
-N. Lilly

“Experienced, effective, professional… all in a loving, welcoming family setting. I could go on and on about why I have and will continue to recommend Westside to my family and friends. When looking for a physical therapist for my son I wanted the absolute best, and I can 100% say that I found the best. From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll see it and you’ll feel it. The friendly interaction between therapists and families, the laughter between the children as their sessions intertwine to help them enjoy their time there, the parents sharing tips and ideas, the joy on everyone’s face as children accomplish new goals, all while supplying topnotch therapy. I honestly could not ask for more. The therapists are beyond experienced and work their magic all while making you feel like part of their family. If you want the best, you’ll find it at Westside.”
-N. Rapacz

“I cannot say enough about the experience my son has had at Westside Children’s Therapy. The staff make each session a positive one, and since the first day he has been treated by the therapists as if he was one of their own children. They have done an excellent job of adapting their goals to make it fun for him, and at this point he cannot wait to “go see Miss Haley at the gym.” I would definitely recommend this facility to anyone in need of therapy!”
R. Hornbeck

“I can not thank Haley enough for everything she has done for my little one! We started coming for PT when our daughter was only 10 weeks old. She is now 14 months old and discharged! She is thriving, SO strong, and so very active (non stop!) We owe so much to Haley! We love all the PTs.. they truly feel like family to us! I’m so happy we chose Westside!”
-L. Murphy

“I have never met more loving people. My son has been at Westside for almost 4 years. We love it here. When you are welcomed with open arms and see therapists shed tears because a child meets a milestone or a goal they set you know you are at the right place. All the therapists are so knowledgable, willing to help you in any way.”
-J. Sluiter

“I feel so welcome here! My boys just took off here the staff are wonderful! I can’t wait to see the progress they will make here . I love the place. It is so much fun for the kids to learn and grow!”
-N. Smith

“I LOVE the staff here! In the 2.5 years that my son has been going here, they’ve grown more like family! They’re all very knowledgeable and are able to help answer all questions that I’ve ever had. Our therapis is an absolute doll, and I couldn’t be more thankful to her for all she’s done for my son.”
-J. Faldzinski

“My son has been going to Westside Children’s Therapy for the past 6 years. The staff and therapists have been amazing guiding my son as well as our family on how to move forward with his Erbs Palsy. We appreciate the one -on-one that he receives from a highly trained therapist. Thanks!”
-M. Tyler

“I have nothing but the best to say about the care and quality of the team there! I took 2 of my children there and they were extremely accommodating to my busy schedule. Shari is fantastic and the therapy she gave my children was top notch. I saw changes on a weekly basis. I would highly recommend!”
-A. Kochanowicz

“There aren’t enough stars in the universe to give this place! Amazing staff, amazing therapists! We love Westside!”
-G. Misch

“My daughter has been going to Westside for 6 years. We have been to both locations and she has seen several different therapists, who have all been great! I would definitely recommend Westside!”
-J. Colella 

“They are AWESOME. We love and miss Shari! They were so good with my son. We traveled 30 + miles every week to see them and will do it again if he has future surgeries as predicted!”
-S. Hauert-Harrington

“Great people to help terrific kids and their families!”
-P. Guerra

“My son currently goes to Westside Children’s Therapy in Frankfort. I love this place and am absolutely blessed we have found it. We have tried CBT and Counseling as well as other several techniques for my sons ADHD. We hadn’t had any success until we started to go to Westside Children’s Therapy for OT. We continue to receive positive results both at home and at school. The staff is so friendly, and they have a wonderful waiting/play area for my 3 year old daughter to play and not get bored during my son’s appointment. There are rewards after the session which makes the kids feel great about what they have accomplished. The staff was very helpful when I had questions about insurance and had patience to answer all my questions about his treatment.”
-K. Swan

“My daughter has had 3 separate rounds of treatment at Westside, 1 with Shari and 2 with Laney. Both therapists are excellent and made my daughter’s experiences very positive. They both worked hard at truly understanding her needs and catering a plan to best meet our goals for her. I would definitely recommend Westside.”
-K. Grispo

“My son has received Occupational Therapy at Westside. He still goes for O.T once a week, and I cannot say enough about the facility or the staff. The therapist he works with is knowledgeable, approachable, and really knows my child. She also treats me, the mother, like I am the expert on my own child which is important since I spend the most time with him. My son loves going to his therapy day, and we see have seen a huge improvement in him since he started. I have the utmost appreciation and respect for the staff of Westside, who all work respectfully with children and who are eager to help.

I have 2 kids that have been going there, one for PT and one for OT. Both therapists are outstanding, they really show a desire to help the kids and are willing to go the extra mile to make them feel comfortable. They are also accommodating with scheduling and knowledgable/ current in therapeutic interventions specific to the pediatric population. I would highly recommend Westside.”
-D. Christensen

“Absolutely amazing! Everyone is so nice and helpful from the front desk to the therapists. Even if you don’t work with them, they’re still wonderful to you. My son loves coming here every week and can’t wait to come back. Great people!”
-N. Ohlund

“My daughter bonded with everyone there. She will ask every day if she’s going to see her speech therapist and her ABA therapist. My daughter gets really excited when we pull up to Westside Children’s Therapy. I’m so blessed that she is getting the help that she needs.”
-K. Palmer

“As a director at a local learning center for adults with disabilities, I knew some of our clients were in need of PT/OT services. However, I don’t think I could have ever imagined how immediate and extensive an impact Westside Children’s Therapy would have on our clients, family, and staff. Over half of our clients are in wheelchairs and so the physical activity they are engaged in is usually quite limited. Shari had our clients doing things that many of them have not done in months, if not years, and the results were immediately noticeable on the faces of our clients, staff, and families. Shari truly has a gift. Thank you for sharing it with us.”
-B. Garland

“My son has been receiving therapies from Westside Children’s Therapy since 2011. We love Westside! When you walk in the door you are greeted with a warm smile and hello. It’s like you are visiting your family and friends. My son is receiving ABA, PT, OT, ST and Feeding Therapies. I like the fact that all therapies are in one location, where the therapist can communicate about my son and we can get a well-rounded therapy session. All of our therapist are great and they really care about my son and it shows in how he responds to them, which means a lot. I highly recommend Westside Children’s Therapy to anyone who is in need for therapy services.”
-K. Bell

“Experienced, effective, professional – all in a loving, welcoming family setting. I could go on and on about why I have and will continue to recommend Westside to my family and friends. When looking for a physical therapist for my son I wanted the absolute best, and I can 100% say that I found the best. From the moment you walk in the door, you’ll see it and you’ll feel it. The friendly interaction between therapists and families, the laughter between the children as their sessions intertwine to help them enjoy their time there, the parents sharing tips and ideas, the joy on everyone’s face as children accomplish new goals all while supplying top notch therapy. I honestly could not ask for more. The therapists are beyond experienced and work their magic all while making you feel like part of their family. If you want the best, you’ll find it at Westside.”

“We are beyond pleased with the level of care and treatment our son has received at Westside Children’s Therapy. Their willingness to help provide us with the tools and knowledge we need to apply the correct therapy for our son has been a blessing to us. I honestly can’t imagine where we would be today with our sons progress if it were not for Shari and Leah and all their hard work. They have been very honest, trustworthy, caring, and knowledgeable in all the information they have provided us with. We are thankful we have found such a wonderful clinic to help us take this ongoing, steady journey.”
-Joe and Jen 

“We love Westside. We’ve been there each week for over two years now and we couldn’t be happier with our experience. The staff is amazing, they genuinely care for your child and your entire family! They are well educated and knowledgeable. They make therapy fun for my son, Jacob. He receives both OT and PT at westside each week. We can’t thank them enough for all they have done for Jacob and continue to do for him!”

“This place is absolutely AMAZING! All of the therapists that either had worked or currently with my son at Westside are wonderful and have went above and beyond figuring out my 13 yo boy with significant needs. He has made so many gains in his overall well being and has utilized the services with Physical, Occupational and Speech therapies. Above all that, his behavior has been changed for the better since he started ABA Services with a wonderful BCBA (Cory) and her team (Chris).”
-M. Marquardt

“Westside Children’s Therapy is the best! Two years ago my son was referred to Westside. As a mom, I was scared and surprised to hear he needed physical therapy. Shari Cassidy is his physical therapist, and I am soooo grateful that we found her! She is extremely knowledgeable, always willing to answer any question, and is great with my son. During each session she explains the benefits of each exercise, which helps me understand how to work with him at home. Shari makes therapy fun, and he really enjoys going to see her each week! We’ve also recently had sessions with another physical therapist, Haley, who has also been great! I would highly recommend Westside Children’s Therapy!”
-L. Lauricella

“My daughter, who is 20 months old has been going to Westside since she was 3 months old for physical therapy. She started speech/feeding at 7 months old and occupational therapy at 16 months. She has low muscle tone and a slight delay in motor skills. Westside’s therapist treat my daughter as if she was their own. It is heart warming and reassuring that my daughter is getting the best care. It is amazing how far my daughter has come to meet milestones and I have to thank Westside for getting her there. The staff has been accommodating to my schedule and works with my insurance to get the coverage we need.”
-N. Mezydio

“Westside has been Rhett’s place of therapy since he was 3 months old, his therapist have been nothing but caring, smart, motivational, positive and passionate people. I know he is in the best care!”
-S. Coglianese

“A great place for children with unique needs. Shari the owner has been treating my son for over 8 years, and I love her so much!”
-M. Mistymee

“The therapists at Westside are amazing! The love and support that they have given my family has been outstanding. My son has made so much progress because of them. Thank you Westside for all of you!”
-P. DeBoer

“I love the therapists at Westside Children’s Therapy. They are knowledgeable and compassionate. We have been receiving superior services from them for many years.”
-J. Erickson