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1. Will my therapist(s) communicate with my doctor?

Yes. Every patient requires a physician’s script before beginning therapy. All evaluations will be sent to your referring physician and any other physicians that you wish to have your child’s information. Please note that you may also have copies of any of your child’s information. Daily notes and progress notes will be sent to your physician periodically and can be sent upon request from you or your physician as needed. Phone calls to physicians regarding your child can be made as needed. At Westside, we believe in comprehensive care and we are happy to talk to anyone that can help us achieve the best outcomes for your child. 

2. Can I stay with my child during their session?

This choice is up to you! We welcome parents to sit in on therapy sessions, but we also understand that sometimes parents require a break. You may utilize this time for yourself to get your own work done, go shopping, take a nap or even get a manicure – you deserve it!


3. Both parents work. Can we have an evening spot?

Westside offers therapy Monday through Friday. Our working hours are 8am-7pm. Scheduling your appointment is based on therapist availability, so please be understanding and flexible with us and we will do the same for you!


4. How long will my child’s session be? How long do we have to come to therapy?

Most therapy sessions at Westside are 1 hour in length. Please plan for a full hour for your initial evaluation. We can accommodate your child’s needs and schedule if an hour is too long. The duration of your child’s therapy will be based on their diagnosis, on completion of “home work,” and on your child’s needs. We can discuss the specific needs of your child more in depth with you when you come for your initial evaluation. Typically, therapy is rendered 1-2 times per week based on the recommendation from the therapist after the initial evaluation.


5. Can I apply learnings from my child’s therapy at Westside to our normal routine at home?

Yes! Westside’s therapists encourage this! We understand that home will be where the child will spend most of their time. To encourage growth we will give you suggestions to use what you already have in your home to help your child. It helps if everyone in your family, including siblings, is committed to helping your child. If you have questions about your specific home routine please ask upon your next visit.


6. My child is in a wheelchair. Does Westside offer parking for a child who is disabled?

Yes! We have labeled handicapped parking spaces next to a ramp that connects to the sidewalk and into our building.


7. How do I know if my child needs therapy?

We’ve provided a developmental checklist to help parents understand whether or not their children may need therapy. If your child is delayed in certain area, it may be important to contact your doctor to request an initial evaluation from our therapists or to schedule a free 30-minute screening with a Westside therapist.