This is the best place in the world to work. If it wasn’t, the rest of us wouldn’t be here.

Our culture is non-negotiable. We love it too much.

If you are uncomfortable with anything we do, that’s okay. We might not be the best fit for you. But if you read this and jump with excitement, let’s talk. 

  • We have fun and laugh a lot at work.
  • We take our jobs seriously but not ourselves
  • We forget that “our kids” are not really “our kids”
  • We do work we are proud of for people that we care about
  • We get excited about throwing a Halloween party in our parking lot each year
  • We provide stipends for coworkers to go out together, even if it means throwing axes!
  • We check egos at the door and view ourselves as a team fighting for the same thing: great quality of care
  • We often hide links to “Rick Roll” videos in our email chains
  • We think of ourselves as a “Team of Teams” – inspired by a book from our monthly book club
  • We expect each other to make mistakes and learn from them
  • We give credit to others when we see succeed and introspect when we fail
  • We hire a lot of Blackhawks fans and went to a game for a staff event
  • Our co-workers become our friends
  • We are willing to be vulnerable and give/receive feedback
  • One of our favorite staff events was going to a Cubs rooftop for a game even though half the time was spent stopping for bathroom breaks on the way there
  • We think big
  • We really value ‘being nice’
  • We prefer action over empty complaints
  • We treat all teams as equal – that especially includes our billing and admin teams. They rock!
  • We live with deep passion – if you’re going to spend the majority of your week doing something, you might as well spend that time making a huge impact!

Westside is a culture-first organization: how employees feel every day is our priority. The #WestsideWay values are our beacon for achieving G.R.E.AT. Outcomes.

Growth: Westside believes in continuous improvement by fostering a feedback-friendly culture where we welcome and learn from our mistakes.

  • We give feedback in an actionable, specific, and kind way.
  • We avoid emptily complaining by accompanying feedback with solutions.
  • We seek out and receive feedback gracefully, replacing defensiveness with introspection.

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Relationships: Westside believes in building strong relationships with our families that last for a lifetime.

  • We spend the time and effort needed to really get to know patients and families.
  • We show the same care, empathy, and support to families, even the most challenging ones.
  • Our families know that we genuinely care about their child.

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Efficiency: Westside does not exist to maximize profit, yet we must nonetheless be an efficient, productive, and profitable business, or else we limit our ability to achieve our purpose.

  • We show an appreciation for both clinical and operational perspectives.
  • We carry healthy, sustainable caseloads that cover costs but do not burn us out.
  • We spend company money as if it was our own.

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Attitude: Westside believes in having each employee’s attitude contribute positively to a light-hearted and fun work environment.

  • We have fun at work and don’t take ourselves too seriously.
  • We have an optimistic presence on our team that makes others happier when we are around.
  • We avoid giving negativity the company it craves.

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Teamwork: Westside believes in being a ‘Team of Teams’ that works together respectfully and refrains from actions that take away from collaboration.

  • We assume positive intent before judging teammates.
  • We view appreciation as the glue that holds a team together.
  • We stay on guard against our egos and limit selfish behaviors.

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Outcomes: Westside exists to change kids’ lives by achieving the highest quality clinical outcomes.

  • We strive to give our all to every minute of every session for every patient.
  • We openly use the support from our peers and seniors to optimize treatment plans.
  • Our families would strongly recommend us to their family or friends.

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