This is the best place in the world to work. If it wasn’t, the rest of us wouldn’t be here.

Our culture is not negotiable. We love it too much.

If you are uncomfortable with anything we do, that’s okay. We might not be the best fit for you. But if you read this and jump with excitement, then let’s talk.

  • We laugh a lot at work and think that work without laughing feels too empty
  • We take our jobs seriously but not ourselves
  • We sometimes forget that “our kids” are not really our kids
  • We get really excited about throwing a Halloween party in our parking lot every year
  • We provide stipends for coworkers to go out to dinner together
  • We don’t like big egos or people feeling like “their status” makes them exceptional – we view ourselves as an equal team all fighting for the same thing (great quality of care)
  • We occasionally hide links to “Rick Roll” videos in our email chains
  • Sometimes we play oversized Jenga before we leave the office on our early release Fridays
  • We like to have fun at work
  • We can be really random, like the time a staff meeting was interrupted by a woman singing Rick Astley in a chicken suit 
  • We hire a lot of Blackhawks fans and went to a game for a staff event
  • One of our favorite staff events was going to a Cubs rooftop for a game even though half the time was spent stopping for bathroom breaks on the way there
  • Our co-workers are our friends
  • We are authentic
  • We think big
  • We are willing to be vulnerable and give/receive feedback frequently
  • We think of ourselves as a “Team of Teams” – inspired by a book from our monthly book club
  • We are not afraid to make mistakes, and we openly admit to our mistakes
  • We are proactive and prefer action over complaining
  • We treat all disciplines and teams as equal – that especially includes our billing and admin teams. They rock just as much as our therapists.
  • We live with deep passion – if you’re going to spend the majority of your week doing something, you might as well spend that time making a huge impact!

Westside is a culture-first organization. We live and breathe our values. We refer to this as the Westside Way, and you’ll feel it when you walk in. These are the values that bring the Westside Way to life.

Westside believes in helping its patients families feel supported, so much that patients consider Westside an extended member of their family and the clinic a second home.

  • We show the same care, empathy, and support to families, even the most challenging ones
  • Our families know that we genuinely care about their child
  • We spend the time and effort getting to know our patients and families
  • Our parents would recommend us to their friends or family

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Westside believes in the power of teamwork. We work together respectfully and refrain from actions that take away from becoming a more cohesive team. Our teams work together to provide the best possible, end-to-end experience.

  • We build up our ‘bank’ of trust with teammates before we withdraw from it
  • We appreciate our teammates and care enough to get to know them
  • We show compassion for teammates by understanding that we’re all imperfect and have flaws
  • We check our ego at the door and limit selfish behaviors
  • We step up and ‘take one for the team’ our fair share of the time
  • We foster positivity and hinder negativity
  • We give credit when the team succeeds and reflect on our own behaviors when the team fails

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Westside believes in continuous improvement through constructive feedback and open communication. We feel comfortable identifying opportunities for Westside to get better, and we communicate ideas with a positive, forward-thinking attitude. We always communicate professionally and proactively.

  • We deliver feedback in an actionable, specific, and kind way
  • We communicate ideas openly, in a constructive manner, and with an appreciation of the nuance and complexity of issues
  • We are biased towards over-communicating
  • We don’t emphasize what we don’t like about situations; we focus on what we would like to see
  • We embrace feedback and problems as learning opportunities that make us better

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Westside believes in growth both for employees as individuals and over the long term, of the organization. Without growth, we restrict the collective impact we can have on children in need.

  • We are hungry to learn and get better
  • We appreciate the incredible power of feedback to increase the speed of our learning
  • We develop not just our therapy skills but also our management skills
  • We step outside of our comfort zones
  • We appreciate the value of ‘team growth’ – not just ‘me growth’
  • We embrace the discomfort of change and are not stubborn about trying out new ideas

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Westside believes in creating a “work hard, have fun” culture where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work and being part of the Westside family. Each employee’s attitude positively strengthens the culture.

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Westside values action and decisiveness over inaction. We neither let issues linger nor emptily complain. Instead, we develop solutions and act.

  • We like fixing problems
  • We move fast
  • We ‘blow less smoke’ and ‘make more fire’
  • We crave the input of others to make the best decisions
  • When we hit a low, we dig ourselves out by taking constructive action
  • We don’t ever stop getting better

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Westside does not exist to maximize profit, yet we must nonetheless be an efficient, productive, and profitable business, or else we limit our ability to achieve our purpose.

  • We spend company money as if it was our own
  • We carry healthy, sustainable caseloads that cover costs but do not burn us out
  • Quality of patient care is the engine behind the sustainability of Westside; it is prioritized as such
  • We reinvest profits back into Westside to keep improving the therapy experience

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