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Clinic Supervisor Prep Program (CSPP)


Being a Clinic Supervisor (CS) is a dynamic leadership role that affords one with an enormous capacity to make an impact on both employees and the families Westside serves. Clinic Supervisors are ultimately responsible for the success of their clinic, meaning there is (1) high parent satisfaction, (2) high employee engagement, and (3) a strong community reputation. Achieving this success is challenging, but the goal program is to help you get there.  And that journey will not only propel you as a leader but also leaving you with a heartful sense of fulfilment. 

What is the CS Prep Program?

The CS Prep Program is an on-ramp opportunity for candidates interested in clinic leadership to begin preparing for a CS role. The program ranges from 3 to 12 months in duration – pending entry experience. This time period allows to-be Clinic Supervisors to receive formal training, exposure to day-to-day CS responsibilities, and hands-on opportunities to learn under the guidance of a current CS mentor.

Program Components

Admittance to the CS Prep Program will begin with several weeks of training. They will complete the following:

  • Front Desk Bootcamp
  • Clinic Supervisor Bootcamp
  • Clinic Supervisor Shadowing

During Phase 2, program participants will be assigned a home-base clinic. When training, they will work out of this location under the supervision of the current Clinic Supervisor. They will be:

  • Joining the CS Meetings
  • Shadowing the CS for portions of the week
  • Practicing front-desk tasks
  • Training hands-on with our tools and systems
  • Supporting current CS in day-to-day tasks
  • Sitting in on the addressing of smaller, less sensitive employee issues/conversations

Once demonstrating comfort in Phase 2, Phase 3 will begin. The current supervisor will begin taking a backseat as you begin assuming primary responsibilities for day-to-day tasks. In this phase, you may:

  • Join a CS Meeting and represent your office without the current supervisor present
  • Handle smaller personnel and parent issues by yourself
  • Sit in on more advanced employees issues/conversation
  • Take the lead on day-to-day tasks (i.e. more doing, less observing)
  • Regularly check-in with the Current Supervisor for feedback

As a program participant progresses through the training phases, permanent clinic placement planning is happening simultaneously. The timing of these things do not always work out perfectly. You may complete your Phase 3 training at a different time than the opening of your permanent position. Phase 3 is simply extended until the opening occurs. There is no impact on your compensation or employment. 

For this very reason, we begin the future clinic placement planning early. Thus, it is more common that we know where a program participant candidate will be placed before they enter Phase 3.

During the program admission process, we will learn which clinic geographies the participant would be open to accepting a CS position. We will attempt to match your preferences with CS role openings. Making that match is the outcome we strive for.

The CSPP does not terminate until the newly placed Clinic Supervisor has completed their first year in their permanent position. During that first year, ongoing mentorship is provided to ensure a successful clinic start. 


Internal vs. External Candidates

Internal Candidates

Internal candidates that have a current functional role within Westside will need to balance their current role with the transition to the CS program. At the onset, a partial amount of time will be made available for the earlier phases. Involvement and the transition away from the current functional role will accelerate as the progression through the phases occurs. The goal is that their functional role will be fully transitioned to a CS role by the time Phase 3 is completed.

External Candidates

External candidates will be able to start Phase 1 immediately upon hire. As they will not be transitioning out of a current role, they will be able to spend more of their week in training. This extra time is important because external candidates need to learn about all the fundamentals of Westside – our services, culture, clinics, and more. Visits to other locations, observations of sessions, and additional onboarding training will be included in the initial CS Prep Program phases.

What Do We Look for in Candidates?

In determining candidates, we are seeking people that have an aptitude for leading a successful clinic. Successful clinics are indicated by strong customer satisfaction, employee engagement, and community reputation. These are the questions that we ask ourselves when screen candidates for this program.

1. Can the candidate foster a family-friendly environment that has high customer satisfaction?

(a) Do they have a welcoming demeanor?
(b) Do they have an uplifting attitude?
(c) Do they have strong interpersonal skills?
(d) Do they have a passion for helping kids and families?
(e) How developed are their customer service skills?

 2. Can the candidate achieve high employee engagement?

(a) Will they view their role as serving others or themselves?
(b) How will they cultivate high morale?
(c) How will they appreciate employees?
(d) Are they capable of navigating tough conversations?
(e) Can they be effective in giving/receiving feedback?
(f) Do they show accountability for their actions and self-reflect?

3. Can the candidate achieve a positive reputation in the community?

(a) Can they oversee an effective intake and patient onboarding experience?
(b) Do they have the tendency to go above and beyond for families?
(c) Do they have a strong connection with the purpose of their clinic (i.e.  helping kids and families)?
(d) Can they communicate effectively with our community partners?

In other words, we expect our CS candidates to exhibit the Westside Way of Leading. At the end of the day, CSs are stewards for what our company is about. And how they do their role has an impact on the many of the people we serve. For those reasons, we expect and select only the best.

How to Apply

Westside does not open clinics everyday. Thus, our application process is highly competitive. If you are aligned with our values, have a hunger and aptitude to lead effectively, and are connected to our purpose of running high-impact, family-centered clinics, fill out the application below:

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