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Your Child’s Readiness for School

IGNITE Program Overview

There are many skills that are expected of students entering school. When a child is not prepared, they begin their education with challenges that can limit success.

IGNITE is a day program that provides individualized ABA therapy to help children (ages 2-6) develop the necessary skills to be successful in a school environment.
  • Sitting appropriately in groups
  • Interacting socially with peers
  • Following instructions
  • Taking turns
  • Raising hand to answer questions
  • Following daily routines
  • Working independently
  • Transitioning between activities
  • Getting in line upon request
  • Putting away materials

Note: Social/group activities may be limited by our COVID-19 safety. Programming for such skills will be adapted to align with our precautionary measures.



Registered Behavioral Technicians (RBTs) work 1:1 with your child multiple times each day. RBTs also guide your child’s involvement in peer group activities that focus on school-oriented skills. Every child has an individualized development plan that is monitored by Board Certified Behavior Analysts for progress.



Transition to School

The primary goal of IGNITE is to prepare kids to be successful in a school environment before they encounter that transition. At Westside, we don’t believe that ABA should replace school. Rather, we want our kids to develop so many skills that they are able to go to school with minimal issues! When kids leave our IGNITE program to start school, and perform well there with a reduced need for additional school supports, we have done our job.


Build Socialization Skills

A large part of reaching this goal centers on helping kids develop socialization skills to not only work alongside peers but also respond to the demands of a classroom. The IGNITE program replicates the demands of a classroom environment and gives children opportunities to practice those social skills in a safe environment.

IGNITE Details


How often does my child attend IGNITE?

IGNITE is available year-round in all of our clinics. There is a full-day option (9am – 3pm) and two half-day options (9am-11:30, 12-3pm). Families can choose the number of days each week to attend and can adjust their involvement in the program at any time.


How often does my child go?

IGNITE is typically paid through private insurance (child must have ABA coverage). Our staff can determine for you if your insurance will cover IGNITE. Private pay options are also available, and families can select a therapy frequency that is within their budget.


What are the benefits?

Research shows that early intensive intervention is one of the most effective strategies for improving the language, social, and adaptive skill delays associated with autism. Here are some other benefits of IGNITE:

  • Access to low-risk activities that help social skill development prior to starting school
  • A tailored development plan that focuses on your child’s individual needs
  • High frequency of learning opportunities each day
  • Increased likelihood of a smooth school transition

Want to Learn More?

If you’re interested in IGNITE at Westside, submit an inquiry. Our Patient Coordinator will call within 1-2 business days to help you determine if IGNITE is right for your child. Alternatively, you can call us anytime at (815) 469-1500 for more information.