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About our Children’s Therapy Clinic

Westside Children’s Therapy – Elmhurst opened in the summer of 2022 and is located across the street from Kohl’s, on the corner of IL Route 83 and St. Charles Rd.  

Elmhurst is a location that offers pediatric therapy services, including ABA therapy for children with autism.  

In a location adjacent to popular shopping centers, our Elmhurst location offers the quality and compassion of a Westside clinic as well as convenience to run errands. During your child’s session, you will have easy access to grocery shopping at Whole Foods, grabbing a quick bite from Portillo’s or Chik-Fil-A, shopping at Kohl’s or At Home for your home furnishing and clothing needs, or stopping by Petco for your pets.  

ABA Therapy Services

The ABA gym in Elmhurst has bright, vibrant, clean colors that is signature to Westside that help make kids excited to come to therapy.

1-on-1 ABA Therapy is offered by a team of dozens of behavior therapy experts. ABA Therapeutic programs that are structured as school readiness programs are also offered at Elmhurst.

Westside’s therapeutic programs include: 

IGNITE: A program geared toward pre-school-aged children (around 2-6 years old) that is intended to give them the skills necessary to succeed in a typical school setting.

RISE: A program geared toward kindergarten-aged children (around 5-8 years old), which is a complement to IGNITE, but follows a more advanced curriculum. RISE is still intended to get children ready for a typical school setting.

FOCUS: An afterschool program for school-aged children that are looking to further sharpen their social skills and gain community awareness.

Westside provides all services to toddlers, young children, and teens at various hours of the day.  Westside also provides flexible scheduling for families seeking multiple therapy services to be conducted in one day at one location. 

Pediatric Therapy Services

The Elmhurst clinic has the following spaces for pediatric therapy:

  • Physical Therapy room and gym
  • Counseling room
  • Speech Therapy rooms
  • Feeding Therapy room
  • Occupational Therapy Sensory gym

The pediatric therapy teams collaborate across disciplines to support your child. What is notable about the Elmhurst team is that most of them are long-time Westside team members who have worked in a variety of our other centers.  

We believe having compassionate and understanding therapists who have embraced the Westside culture is vital to our success, and providing the best care for your family.