Westside Clinic Contact Information

About our Children’s Therapy Clinic

Joliet is one of Westside’s most experienced and proven clinics. It was opened in 2005 and has ever since become a staple in the pediatric community. It is located at the corner of Essington Road and Black Road. It is run by a veteran Westside clinician who leads her office by example. Her and the other Joliet therapists care deeply about the kids they serve, achieving high clinical outcomes, and bending over backwards for their families. This all contributes to why the Joliet clinic has built such a strong reputation among families.

ABA Therapy Services

Joliet ABA offers 3 day programs for children with Autism. IGNITE is a preschool-like program for children ages 2-6 looking to gain skills to make them successful in a typical school environment. RISE is offered in conjunction with IGNITE, but is for more advanced learners. FOCUS is an after-school program for those looking to further sharpen their social and community skills. 

This Joliet ABA Therapy team is a fun one! The team has been together for a while, and it is routine to see at least somebody smiling or laughing when you walk into the ABA gym. Their 1-on-1 therapy is rooted in play and made to be fun.

Pediatric Therapy Services

Like most Westside clinics, all pediatric therapies are offered here in Joliet:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Child and Family Counseling

Our sensory gym is a commonly used treatment space for Occupational Therapy. A counseling room, feeding therapy room, private speech rooms, and a physical therapy gym all surround this space and offer a combination of social and private treatment settings.