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Lockport Pediatric & ABA Therapy Clinic

Lockport Contact Info

16521 W 159th St
Lockport, IL 60441

Phone: 815-709-4603
Fax: 815-709-4604

About the Center

The Lockport clinic is now open an located near Jewel-Osco and across the street from Pop’s Italian Beef & Sausage. 

The clinic offers ABA therapy for kids with Autism, as well as other pediatric therapy specialties, such as: Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and feeding therapy, and Child and Family Counseling . 

This location is close to popular restaurants and grocery stores, providing the convenience for families to run errands while kids are in session. You will have easy access to pick up a quick treat from Smoothie King, head to the UPS store to mail out packages, pick up your prescription from Walgreens – just a few of the several amenities in the area to visit while around Westside!

ABA Therapy Services

The bright, vibrant and clean Westside colors are signature to our ABA gyms. They are a signal to kids that this is a happy and fun place to go, and most times, they have no idea they are going to therapy! Parents have told us that Westside is their child’s favorite place to go!

Westside offers three therapeutic programs including:

IGNITE: A program geared toward pre-school-aged children (around 2-6 years old) that is intended to give them the skills necessary to succeed in a typical school setting.

RISE: A program geared toward kindergarten-aged children (around 5-8 years old), which is a complement to IGNITE, but follows a more advanced curriculum. RISE is still intended to get children ready for a typical school setting.

FOCUS: An after-school program for school-aged children that are looking to further sharpen their social skills and gain community awareness.

Westside gives families the flexible scheduling options they need to conveniently have our team conduct multiple therapy services, as needed, in one day for a child’s ABA program. 

Pediatric Therapy Services

The Lockport clinic offers the following spaces for pediatric therapy:

  • Private Counseling room
  • Speech Therapy rooms
  • Feeding Therapy room
  • Occupational Therapy Sensory gym

Westside collaborates across several pediatric therapy disciplines to help your child get the support that is needed. You will find that our Westside therapists are not only skilled professionals in their field, but also have warm, friendly, inviting, positive personalities that shows that they are passionate about what they do. 

We believe having compassionate and understanding therapists who have embraced the Westside culture is vital to our success, and providing the best care for your family.