Westside Clinic Contact Information

About our Children’s Therapy Clinic

The Lombard location opened in March 2023!  

The Lombard clinic offers a new, modern and larger space with expansive sensory equipment (ziplines, rock wall, crash pit, and more!). The clinic will also have convenient parking and drop off!

Westside sessions are also conducted on a 1:1 therapist-to-child ratio. With multiple sessions going on at once, it allows for extra social interaction as well. 

The Westside – Lombard clinic is located just north of Yorktown Mall and is across the street from Greek Islands Lombard, and just east of Lombard Fire Department Station 2.   

ABA Therapy Services

The Lombard ABA program provides a treatment model that emphasizes socialization, communication, and school-readiness. There are age- and skill-based therapeutic ABA programs for children with autism. They include a preschool- like program called IGNITE, a kindergarten-like program called RISE, and an after school program called FOCUS for older learners. The programs are hosted in a social setting integrated with individualized ABA therapy programs for each child.  Every ABA session offers the opportunity for an in-clinic, fully supervised experience for each child with 1-on-1 support. Group time is also set aside for each of these programs so children can interact with others with similar therapy goals. 

Pediatric Therapy Services

The Lombard facility is a multi-disciplinary center. The following therapies can all be scheduled at this location:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Child, Teen, or Family Counseling

Children can have any combination of these services scheduled. Scheduling can be done conveniently on the same day to save time for families. For children receiving ABA therapy, these pediatric therapy services can be incorporated into the child’s ABA schedule.