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About our Children’s Therapy Clinic

The Westside New Lenox clinic opened in the middle of 2020 and has grown to be one of Westside’s larger clinics. It offers both ABA and other pediatric services.

The space itself is a modern, light-filled environment with many 1-way windows. Ceilings are high, and rooms are spacious. Large gyms with colorful sensory equipment – rockwalls, jumping pits, ball pits, trampolines – are the main attractions.

Private treatment rooms scatter the building. Parents enjoy the convenience of the location, heading to TargetStarbucks, or Portillo’s without even needing to move their car.

ABA Therapy Services

Westside Children’s Therapy in New Lenox offers ABA Therapy and other autism support services.

ABA at New Lenox offers 3 day programs for children with Autism. IGNITE is a preschool-like program for children ages 2-6 looking to gain skills to make them successful in a typical school environment. RISE is offered in conjunction with IGNITE, but is for more advanced learners. FOCUS is an after-school program for those looking to further sharpen their social and community skills. 

The team is led by a BCBA who trained for years in our Frankfort location. She brought to New Lenox not only her kind, optimistic personality but also a defining spirit of going above and beyond for families. She keeps the team anchored in a shared passion for helping their kids and families in anyway they can.

Here, parents will find a healthy support system centered on partnership and collaboration.

Pediatric Therapy Services

New Lenox offers a variety of pediatric services including: 

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Child and Family Counseling

Multiple therapies can be scheduled for convenience.