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About our Children’s Therapy Clinic

The Orland Park South (Diagnostic & Serial Casting) clinic is in the home of the former full-service Orland Park clinic. In the summer of 2022, the Orland Park full-service clinic moved a few blocks north to clear the space for our specialty services to move in.

The clinic is located just east of the Orland Park Village Center on the opposite side of the round-a-bout, and behind the Advanced Auto Parts store. 

This clinic will specialize in offering Diagnostic services, which is currently only offered out of one of our Wheaton offices, and Serial Casting, which currently offered in our Frankfort location. 

The diagnostics program is led by Dr. Brad Czochara, who is a Board Certified Neuropsychologist. He performs diagnostic evaluations and is known for his experience with autism, ADHD, and other developmental concerns. This Diagnostic Center is a complement to the current Diagnostic Center in Wheaton.

Parents may seek a diagnostic evaluation if they are wondering what is the appropriate diagnosis for their child or if they would like to determine what kinds of support are best for their child. Diagnostic Evaluations are a 3-step process, including an initial parent interview, a testing session, and a parent feedback session. Most sessions are completed in the diagnostic center.

Serial Casting is a part of Physical Therapy that the foundation of Westside Children’s Therapy is built on. 

It has exclusively been offered out of our Frankfort clinic, but with the growing demand, we needed to provide it its own space. 

Serial Casting is used to treat toe walking, cerebral palsy , arthrogryposis, spina bifida, club foot, traumatic and acquired brain injuries, muscular dystrophy, etc. 

Serial Casting can be incorporated into a child’s current pediatric physical therapy or other therapy programs.