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Orland Park Pediatric & ABA Therapy Clinic

Orland Park Contact Info

14711 S Ravinia Ave
Orland Park, IL 60462

Phone: 708-787-0952
Fax: 708-787-0958

About the Center

The Orland Park clinic is located across the street from City Hall. It can be accessed from Lagrange Road or Ravinia Avenue.

Orland Park opened in 2019 and has blossomed into a full-service center, offering ABA Therapy and all pediatric therapy services.

Large-paned 1-way windows surround the building, letting natural light in while at the same time allowing for privacy. When you enter the building, large glass-paned doors give way to a beautiful sensory gym. Your child’s eyes will light up when they see it.

The Clinic Supervisor here wears her heart on her sleeve. She will be as proud as you are when your child makes progress.

ABA Therapy Services

The ABA gym in Orland Park has one of the best views in the building. It has wrap-around windows that overlook the park across the street. There are several private rooms offset from the main gym area.

1-on-1 ABA Therapy is offered by a team of dozens of behavior therapy experts. ABA Therapeutic programs that are structured as school readiness programs are also offered in Orland.

Toddlers, young children, and teens are serviced at different times of the day in this center.

Pediatric Therapy Services

The Orland has clinic the following spaces for pediatric therapy

  • Physical Therapy room and gym
  • Counseling room,
  • Speech Therapy rooms
  • Feeding Therapy room
  • Occupational Therapy Sensory gym.

The pediatric therapy teams collaborate across disciplines to support your child. What is notable about the Orland Park teams is that most of them have been with Westside long enough to have worked in a variety of our other centers.

We believe that’s why Orland was an immediate success. These teams brought a strong dose of the “Westside Way” to Orland, and there has been an overwhelming response from families about how the office and therapists operate.