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Oswego Pediatric & ABA Therapy Clinic

Oswego Contact Info

1211 Farmington Lakes Dr
Oswego, IL 60543

Phone: 630-509-4166
Fax: 708-390-7666

About the Center

The Oswego clinic opened in March 2022 and is located just minutes from the Gerry Centennial Plaza, off of Douglas Rd.

The Oswego location provides the convenience of being minutes away from shopping centers in addition to the warm interactions and modern amenities that a Westside clinic has to offer. While your child is in session at Westside, the location will give you the freedom to grab a coffee with a friend at Starbucks, shop for groceries at Meijer or ALDI, or go shopping at Target or ROSS.  

ABA Therapy Services

The Oswego clinic will offer different sensory equipment and an overall colorful, fun, and modern design that kids will be excited about when they come for their therapy sessions. Westside is dedicated to make the Westside experience as fun as possible for kids – where progress and outcomes look like play instead of work. 

Our behavior therapy staff offer 1-on-1 ABA Therapy for each child, creating an individualized journey for every kid that walks through our doors. The Oswego clinic will offer ABA therapeutic programs, which are structured as school readiness programs. 

Westside’s therapeutic programs include: 

IGNITE: Children with approximate ages 2-6 years old will gain the skills necessary to get acclimated to a typical school setting with IGNITE, our pre-school-like ABA program. 

RISE: Children with approximate ages around 5-8 years old will follow a more advanced curriculum in RISE, which is a program that follows the IGNITE program. RISE prepares children for success in a typical school setting and is structured as a kindergarten-like ABA program.  

FOCUS: This after-school program is intended for school-aged children to continue to enhance their social skills and encourage awareness in the community around them.

Each of these programs also provide unique experiences to the groups including visits from the community police officers and fire fighters!

Westside provides therapy options for toddlers, young children, and teens throughout the course of the day, offering scheduling that is flexible for families looking for multiple therapy services in one location. 

Pediatric Therapy Services

The Oswego clinic, in the future, will have the following areas dedicated to pediatric therapy services:

  • A gym and room for Physical Therapy
  • 1-on-1 counseling rooms
  • Speech Therapy rooms
  • Feeding Therapy room
  • Occupational Therapy sensory gym

The Westside team collaborates across several disciplines in order to support your child. This is beneficial to your child and you if they receive multiple therapies because everyone is working toward a common goal. Our team is comprised of long-time Westside members who have the experience from our other pediatric therapy centers.

Our core belief is to have our compassionate, understanding therapists go above and beyond for each child and each family that goes to Westside. Westside therapists aren’t just satisfied with “good clinical results.” They want to change families’ lives forever. 

Let Westside become a part of your family.