Westside Clinic Contact Information

About our Children’s Therapy Clinic

Westside Children’s Therapy – Rockford moved to a new location in early January 2023 after serving the Rockford and surrounding communities at our previous location as well as our in-home ABA Services for the last year. Now, at a brand new, modern clinic, it allows us to offer all of Westside’s pediatric services. 

It is located just south of Olde Creek Rd., near Woodman’s Food Market, Starbucks and Premier Fitness.

The space and a multi-service approach allows for plenty of collaboration and social interactions for children. 

The clinic also features a bright, colorful environment, with rockwalls, ziplines, jumping pits, swings, being the the main attractions. A large outdoor space is also at the Rockford clinic. Private treatment rooms are used for more specialized 1-on-1 attention for children to further sharpen skills. 

ABA Therapy Services

Westside Children’s Therapy continues to offer ABA Therapy at this state of the art pediatric clinic.

ABA at Rockford offers 3 programs for children with Autism. IGNITE is a preschool-like program for children ages 2-6 looking to gain skills to make them successful in a typical school environment. RISE is offered in conjunction with IGNITE, but is for more advanced learners. FOCUS is an after-school program for those looking to further sharpen their social and community skills.  

Pediatric Therapy Services

In addition to ABA Therapy, the Rockford clinic is a multi-disciplinary center and all therapies can be scheduled at this location including:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Child and Family Counseling