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Wheaton Pediatric & ABA Therapy Clinics

Wheaton Therapy Center Contact Info

1725 S Naperville Rd, #110
Wheaton, IL 60189

Phone: 630-793-8404
Fax: 630-793-8401

Wheaton Diagnostic Center Contact Info

1749 S Naperville Rd, Ste 206
Wheaton, IL 60189

Phone: 630-793-8404
Fax: 630-793-8401

About the Wheaton Centers

In Wheaton, we have a (1) Therapy Center and a (2) Diagnostic Center. Both centers are located in the same building complex, which is near Danada Park. If you take Naperville Road north past the shopping center, the centers will be on your right. This therapy clinic shares the first floor of the building with Wheaton Pediatrics.

The Wheaton Therapy Center opened in 2017 and was Westside’s first presence in Dupage County. It has been one of the highest reviewed Westside clinics with parents noting progress made, relationships formed, and convenience as sources of their satisfaction. ABA Therapy, Pediatric Therapies, and Counseling are all offered out of this center.

The Wheaton Diagnostic Center opened in the fall of 2020. The diagnostics program is led by Dr. Brenda Wiley, who is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She performs diagnostic evaluations out of this center and is known for her experience with autism, ADHD, and other developmental concerns.

ABA Therapy Services

ABA Therapy is offered in the Wheaton Therapy Center. In fact, the ABA industry could write a case study on the extremely low employee turnover of this team. In an industry where turnover averages ~50%, this team has gone years averaging between 0 and 5%. And it is because this team is fantastic! There is strong BCBA leadership, coaching and collaboration, and a shared commitment to support children with autism. 1-on-1 ABA Therapy as well as daytime and after-school therapeutic programs are offered to toddlers, young children, and teens with autism. If you are looking for quality ABA Therapy with high continuity of care, this is the place you want to be.

Pediatric Therapy 

Occupational, Physical, Speech, Feeding, and Counseling therapies are offered in the Wheaton Therapy Center. Because of the high number of families attending Wheaton, each of these disciplines has a whole team of specialists. Each week they meet to discuss cases and how they can reinforce each other’s therapy progress. These pediatric therapy teams work alongside our ABA team with kids that receive multiple services.

Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic Testing is offered exclusively in the Wheaton Diagnostic Center. Parents may seek a diagnostic evaluation if they are wondering what is the appropriate diagnosis for their child or if they would like to determine what kinds of support are best for their child. Diagnostic Evaluations are a 3-step process, including an initial parent interview, a testing session, and a parent feedback session. Most sessions are completed in the diagnostic center.