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New Hire Mentorship

During the application process, we assess your attitude, personality, and character against our values as a company. As for your therapy skills, developing those is Westside’s job once you begin employment. This is where our Mentorship Program kicks in.

Components of Our Mentorship Program

1. Pairing with an Experienced Therapist Mentor

As a new therapist at Westside, you will be assigned to a Therapy Lead in your discipline who has years of therapy experience. This person becomes your ongoing direct mentor. They meet 1-on-1 with you regularly, provide feedback, observe sessions, etc.

2. Weekly Meetings With Therapy Team

Once hired, you become part of a therapy team that is specific to your discipline and office. Your therapy team hosts a weekly meeting where specific challenges with kids, material requests, etc. are discussed in a small group setting.

3. On Demand Therapy Director Observations

For your more challenging kids that your Therapy Lead and Team may not have answers for, new hires can request observations directly from our Directors. Our Directors are the most seasoned therapists with decades of experience. Their job is to make sure Westside therapists become the best that they can be through observing and coaching.

4. Clinic Supervisor Support

Your office’s Clinic Supervisor will work to build up your caseload at a comfortable pace. Their primary job is to make sure that the therapists in their office are supported – both clinically and operationally.