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Getting Started at Westside

Getting started with Westside is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Follow the steps below to get started!

Step 1 – Our Family Support Team Will Contact You

For any Westside location your family would like to begin services with, the process starts with the Family Support Team! This is the fastest and most efficient way to begin your Westside experience. Calling a specific location will delay this process! All locations will direct your call back to our Family Support Team.

The Family Support Team listens to your concerns regarding therapy, gathers your information, necessary documents, and checks your general insurance benefits. They also help determine whether your doctor needs to provide Westside with a script or referral to begin services.

Contact our Family Support Team via email at family@westsidect.com or call them directly at (815) 469-1500 ext. 1.

Step 2 – Schedule Your Evaluation With Your Preferred Office Location

Once you have completed your initial steps with the Family Support Team, you will receive an email with an update. Soon after, the office location you have chosen will call you and schedule your evaluation.

Once the evaluation is scheduled, we will reach out to your insurance company to get more specific policy details. You will receive an email once this process is complete and it will contain your coverage information specific to the services you have scheduled.

It is important to note that your evaluation day and time as well as therapist may differ from your ongoing appointments.

Step 3 – Schedule Ongoing Appointments

After the evaluation is complete, the therapist spends the next 1-2 weeks summarizing results and writing a report with their recommendations. That report is sent to your doctor. During this period, the office is also working with you to schedule ongoing appointments. Your appointment spot will almost always be the same time and day every week.

**It is important to note that some evaluations take longer than others to complete.

Getting Started FAQs

Does my insurance need to authorize services?

From time to time, insurance companies require approval before receiving an evaluation or ongoing appointments. If we encounter this during the intake process, our Referrals Team will work with your insurance to get the necessary approvals. This may add a few days or even a few weeks to the process.  It is important to note that ABA services almost always require prior authorization.

What can I do to speed the process up?
While we do everything we can to schedule services as quickly as possible, the process of scheduling your evaluation is not instant and includes steps outside of our control.

Here are some ways you may possibly be able to speed the process up:

  • Return phone calls from our team quickly.
  • Offering flexibility with your availability
  • If assistance is requested with obtaining a script/referral from your doctor, sending it quickly to Fax (779) 216-3069 or email family@westsidect.com.

Requesting only “High Demand Hours”, for example: after-school hours, adds time to the process. Having availability between 8am – 3pm can help move things along faster.

Occasionally, demand for services exceeds the existing therapists’ schedules at your preferred location during your available times. If this is the case, we are committed to finding a way to get your kiddo services as quickly as possible. Often, we can offer an evaluation at the next closest location while we work to find an ongoing spot at your preferred clinic.

I received my Benefits email. Who can I call with questions?

Our Family Support Team can help! For questions about the insurance verification email you receive during the intake process, contact our team. (815) 469-1500 ext 1.