Westside Clinic Contact Information

About our Children’s Therapy Clinic

Westside Children’s Therapy – Geneva is opening early fall 2023 to continue the support for the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. The new location will be a multidisciplinary location offering all of Westside’s services. 

The clinic is located at 1749 S Randall Rd Suite A, Geneva, IL 60134. The clinic is across the street from the Randall Commons Shopping Mall, and just seconds away from the Eagle Brook Country Club. Besides these two spots, the clinic is just down the road from multiple grocery stores and shopping centers.

The clinic features a spacious ABA Gym with a swing, tables for more focused 1 on 1 and group work, private rooms and calming nooks and rooms if kids need a little break. Therapy sessions are always 1 on 1 at Westside. Each child will have their own therapist guiding their personalized session.

Westside’s sensory gyms remain a fan favorite as it has what kids dream of! A rock wall, monkey bars, foam crash pits, swings and more! This gym is utilized by all disciplines and while it may look like the kids are just having fun, it is also very therapeutic.

There are also private speech therapy rooms, feeding rooms and counseling to allow for increased 1 on 1 attention and focus for children and their therapist. These three disciplines regularly use our sensory gym as well.

Therapy at Westside is designed to be FUN! Kids like to play, learn best through play, so why should their therapy be any different? Play-based therapy will help your kid stay engaged and enjoy coming to Westside with the goal in mind of achieving life-changing results.

ABA Therapy Services

Westside Children’s Therapy’s ABA Therapy services are designed to help children with Autism reach their maximum potential. Therapy is always 1 on 1 and child-led! Our therapists spend time getting to know your child’s likes and preferences and let those drive sessions. 

ABA Therapy also allows for plenty of group work and socialization to increase skills of working and playing with others.  

ABA Therapy at our Geneva location will offer 3 therapeutic day programs. IGNITE is a preschool-like program for children ages 2-6 looking to gain skills that will help them succeed in a typical school setting. IGNITE is not a preschool academic program, but will work on skills that would be needed in preschool. 

Westside also offers its RISE program, which runs in conjunction with IGNITE but is geared toward more advanced learners typically ages 5-8. The third program, FOCUS, is an afterschool program for older children looking to continue sharpening their social and community skills.

Pediatric Therapy Services

Our Geneva clinic is multi-disciplinary and offers:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Feeding Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Counseling