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Summer can be a fun and exciting time for kids, but it can also present unique challenges for parents of children with developmental differences. With
According to a study (Lecavalier & Wiltz, 2006), parents of children with autism experience more stress than teachers when they deal with their behavior. Behavioral
Kids occupational therapy at Westside Children’s Therapy is meant to be fun while reaching therapeutic milestones.  On the surface, it may look like fun and games,
There are a multitude of reasons a child can be a picky eater, from personality traits to social and paternal/maternal influences and eating patterns.
Pediatric Speech Therapy sessions at Westside are tailored to each child’s specific and individual needs. Some sessions can be drill based, but typically for younger
We love seeing you and your child for each kids' physical therapy session at our Westside clinics. However, sometimes we only get to see you
Pediatric Occupational Therapy sessions are designed to address each child’s individual needs. OT helps an individual do the things they need to do (i.e. self-care)
ABA therapy has developed into the most popular form of treatment for the symptoms of Autism. While ABA has been put in a negative light
You child has graduated from IGNITE. Now it is time to RISE to the next level. In IGNITE, your child with autism was given the
Is your child not quite ready to be in a school setting all day? Let Westside IGNITE your child’s readiness to be ready! Pretty soon,
Recommended screen time allowance: Children less than 18 months: Avoid use of screen media other than video-chatting Children 18-24 months: If choosing to introduce screen media to children, do
The role of a child is to play! Learning and knowledge is grounded in physical interaction with the world. When a child moves, they learn