Physical Therapy

Torticollis occurs when your baby’s neck muscles cause their head to tip and rotate to the opposite or same side. The top of their head
As human beings, we were designed to communicate. As communicators, we should be able to request, question, comment, express feelings and emotions, etc.  While some may
We love seeing you and your child for each kids' physical therapy session at our Westside clinics. However, sometimes we only get to see you
Pediatric physical therapy sessions are designed to address each child’s individual needs. Physical therapy at Westside will help a child maximize their physical abilities and
Early intervention is important for any therapy. It provides the child the best chance of maximizing outcomes. For example, a child may need speech therapy
Serial casting is a non-invasive conservative method used to improve joint range of motion for a variety of diagnoses (toe walking, cerebral palsy, arthrogryposis, spina
Schroth therapy is a method of positioning, stretching and strengthening activities that are specifically designed to treat scoliosis. In the past, research has found that